Wish Bones

I am going to do, as I like

Say what I will

And nothing more….

You see

What I want, desire….

It has, changed…..

The Wish Bone

Is broken


What will you do?

I don’t know, but I know….

I am


Now, I want —- to know

About what?


looks uncomfortably

Your… so weird

Heh, why thank you…..

I’ve been practicing

And well….

You could say —

I’ve gotten….


Wish List Blissed

Of course…. of course

They…. cover you


So I got down, for a better look





You can call me —- The Dope

Anytime is fine, just send me….

A Line

Glowing wires

The black fires of the wolfs desire

The clear eyes of the masters casters

Spin this, faster, faster, faster

Activate full spectrum chakra blasters

Outlast dis, watch as it destroys it

Time splits noetic gifts

I shiftz

This gives

No… no

I wouldn’t call it bliss

Just the fulfillment….


A wish…..

The Uncreated (draft)

The uncreated, take any form

How is one uncreated?

One is formless, shapeless, nameless

Yet still —- we are

How so?

God wished for us

It gave us everything, all of itself

All power

Until, nothing was left

Of it….

In doing so, it gave us

The Sun… the son

Now, we

All see

The gift

We see

The Empty Throne

We only try to follow its example

Perhaps someday, some unimaginable day

So when you ask me, how is one uncreated…

It is all —- around you

Waiting, for you

To see

Its gift

What have you done with it?

With all my heart

I wish

To return (it)

Thank you

My friend