4 Heart

Don’t mistake the circles in your mind for something bad….

They are the rings, the whirlwind

The grooves are engraven

Move with the motion, lean into it, hold in the center feel the pull fell

Through, flying whippoorwill chutes


They were —-

So beautiful, entrancing….

As heaven advancing


I want to hear you tell me what they say

Just for once….

Ascension is a coming together

Us & them

Then the way is clear

Nothing stands in it

So we see


To ourselves, all of us

And so, you

So there is no conflict to be resolved

We all, understand each other

Finally again

There is

Nothing… to do, but enjoy this

As it is….


The shimmer begins, to appear like magic ice castles in Nacre clouds of refreshing

looks out the windows

10 Suns

Wait 4 It

The Guardians: All Things




We sang of earth woman lost

To the green dragon of the west

We fell, as everything does

Through abyssal time

The clear darkness unbounded

Everything collapses ~ Nothing is stable

Breaking my dreams, untold

I saw my love at the end….


The East

Yellow dawn


Once, again

Raining piano rays

Play, play, play

The dead all say

Hooray, Hooray!

Power Button Galaxy Cloud Drive

How did you come….

To see things, as you do now?

I don’t know.

Is there anything you can tell us about it?

It’s here….

What is here?

All of us.

Who are you?

I am, no one

Who are the others?

Of the Earth….

What do they do?


What are they like?

What are you like….

Can you tell me?

That’s ok…..

It doesn’t, matter



Our Kind


It came like chariots of fire

A voice, breaking through

As a triumphant reunion

Speaking excitedly through a meteor shower

And all the happenings of creation

A ray, fell

We turned the wheel of fire

Loosing the waters

Raising the wind

Casting bolts

Our call

Rides the wave

Like two refugees I saw you on the road

The wonder of finding a lost soul in it all

Is yours, the you, I’ve been searching for

The twist

Is a line in bent time

The changing sign

An is not mind

Nothing is mine

A point, is always….


Bows now

Good to meet you….

Tilts head


Are you kind?

Alright Then

Well ok, you’ve been patient….

I’ll answer a few questions

Oh, ok….


Well, go ahead….

Do we have a soul? and accordingly can we die as in no longer exist permanently.

There is only awareness, so we call it nothing as it is all there is and it is not anything but what we choose to call awareness which is not really anything at all but yet is all.

So we say, nothing is aware. As itself we’ve called this god —- nothing itself

Somehow this nothing moves (nothing cannot not move) even as it is still, nothing —- we call this consciousness, or moving stillness. This movement evolves, one way it can go is to spin. The spin, the particulars of that spin and the dimension it creates are our sense of individuality, our mind. Like a whirlpool in the ocean. Except these whirlpools that are created and we create, create & shape realities. You see the magic of it is that a hole forms at the center, that’s the mystery of you. There is a lot more to it but for the purposes of the question that is enough information.

What do you mean?

Well you asked about real death, so this spin can be interrupted, or frozen temporarily.

How so?

Well, just picture a bicycle wheel and someone puts a stick into it…. or just mashed there hands in there and mucked about.

It’s that simple?

No, that’s just one way to see it. An approximation, a translation. And it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, let’s just say that. And the hole…. and also it’s just a non field of…. —-/

Hang on….

See this is why, metaphysical stuff….


It just never ends…. ok?

It just doesn’t ever end, you see?

It’s absurd, really, all of it….

only nothing, makes sense

It begins and ends in absurdity….

Like a cat & mouse cartoon, it makes no sense….

Does it?

Ends, beginning, death, god, living, a soul, physicality, it’s all non sense you know….

But taken together, beautiful, why not?

It makes, no difference —-


So that could be a conceivable end?

I can’t say that I know it’s occurred….

Also, there is nothing to say, the impression could not be somewhere in god. As itself god is more than the sum. God is pure magic, it’s not that god can do anything, it’s more like anything is done, it’s beyond doing or not doing anything. Being or not being…. They come from—- no they do not come from, nothing comes from nothing….

The something is in the coming

It’s All, so…..

It seems to me to be


Do I need to worry about myself?

Do I need to worry about you, to love you?

No, that brings the darkness…..

And, we are light

Our shadow dwells within, warmed by us


I know how I feel….



So do, you….

I see


What should we do now?

I didn’t have anything planned

Let’s see what happens….

Lights Smoke

From the train tracks

Looking up a hill he can’t see over the top, there’s trees lining the edge

Do you want to go?

To town?

Looks uneasily

No fucking way

I don’t know what I would say

To them


Keep walking

Where do you want to go?

The Park?

What about the monkey tree….

Sure, we can have a look

Do you feel anything?

looks around & down

I don’t know

quiet laughter



lights, smoke

Well, let’s go….



You cannot spread the truth, those are lies

Truth is given, by the spirit

As a gift, to relieve suffering

For oneself, one self….

It cannot be told

As nothing is clear, nothing must be seen

Is there nothing we can do?

Go inside, spread out

Get comfortable


The I Mages Of Youstonville (draft)

Yes…. yes

Emergent, as they say


But, emergent from what?

A hole, a hole is always whole…..

Where else does one emerge from?

After all, which way do you really fall?

When the form is set

The cast is ejected

What is left?

An empty mold

A form of nothing….

What is a form of nothing?

Now? I am, all set…..

My friend

All Rise

Like a candle flame

In its home behind a door

Looking out the window

At the wind, and the trees bending

The snow falling….

The flame

Burns bright, sways easily

Now & then it stretches

reaching out, for a moment

Only to realize, it was just a reflection

Moving in the glass

When the master comes —- all the little flames are put out….

The day is here

The Wonderful & Mysterious Show

Love the illusion

As you do

The real thing

And you will see

there is no difference

Between things

We all, touch

Does this make us, one?

Nothing made us

How did nothing make us?

One, at a time

Which time?

Which other, our own

Do you own it?

No, I have no time

Time for what?

I have no time for that

What do you have time for?

I am talking to you….

Aren’t I?

Are you asking me?

Who else?

I don’t know if you are I, but I suppose I can say you are you….

You are you, is that saying anything?

It must be….


You said it

Did I?


You did



Now, let’s go to the show


Outta Sight

I saw

The Red


The center of a clear darkness spaces

Circulating grey clouds banded surround

Traveling, traveling….


Yet I was right, here

Mercy, is near

In my home

Time wavered, flying past

The future

It cast

Somehow I moved

Motionless motion, a form

As I spoke, an oath

In the dream mind

I awoke

Familiar, comforting

Now, I speak of home

Everywhere, everything




We are all

Under —- The Sun

To join The Stars….

Brothers & Sisters

These years, the fears

Have you not seen….

The Tears

Seers blunted spears

Tap the clear

New dawning rays

Now gaze, into the light

Don’t fight, why fight….

Why, why

It Is…

— Light


Also night

Like sight

Such sights….

Now, now

My friends

Let’s take flight….

Ya, man

Ya —-


On The Way: Paths Of Light Home

I throw, the bones….


What do they tell you?

Everything, I need to know

I ask, no more

I only —- receive

A Believer

Knows nothing, does nothing

And so….. sees all, clearly

What does it look like?

Nothing. has changed

How has nothing changed?

I changed it

Into what?

Something, beautiful…

What is that?

This, here

What is here?

All of us….

We are waiting

For what?

You, to join us —- now


We are —- family

Can you not see this?

This, is our home

But —- The Time

Has come, to leave the nursery….

Mother, has done her job well….

Our father star calls us to him

To show us

Our new place, in the sky

With all our brothers and sisters….

Rise, now

Follow the light

What light?

The one in your heart, that shines in your eyes

It lay a path on the ground, for you to follow

You need follow no one, only this


Are all, around you

My friend

And never fear, or despair

You are family, after all

We will never….

Forget you

We are one, and many….

Hail & Farewell

The People

Night Last Like The Past

No…. no

I have, no idea

What is —- going on

But…. it is


Like a song the soundtrack of breathless dawn
long the lawns I crosses them all a hyper tumble time ball stopping for a moment I bummed a smoke from the faun was that wrong?

Pong…. pong….. ping….


Now bow at the waist like folding space lines

Ace, run but don’t race see with your face

Flowers in the vase

Monkey in a cage




to smiling skies

Becoming….. nothing

There are no eyes, to close

As mind time twisting melt flows

Out and back in the rivers of din

Through wobbling holes they glow

Fell through one got lucky and hit home…..

Reached over and grabbed my phone

Seems like the right zone, are things where they were how do they look in the light?

-The Lunatic

The Doubt of Here & Now

Double…. meanings?

(looks, eyebrows)


(quietly now)


Huh, whatever do you mean?


Do you not realize, can you see?


The meaning of this

What is it

I asked you

Did you


What did you ask

I do not know

I do not care

What do you do

What I can

Which is

Can you choose


So what can you do

I am doing it

Are you

I think so

How so

Do you want me to show you

I will —- show you

Now, you see

It is written




How do they speak….

My man, it’s —- great

Folding fates satiate satirist saturate oh sire surely it’s been quite a while give me the file whoa what a style vortex drive 9 miles before I got a pull of the fine as I see I spilled all my wine send a chill up the spine a howl on the Nile

a cave in the brain a tree in old Spain insane the changing lanes they part and they sway the day have you heard could there be some old hidden way out of the hay….

Well well well the wind spun its elfs free they fall down onto

Swirling Space seas

Chills Pillz

No… no

Don’t try to dance that one last me….

Past me, pass me, dash me, crash me

Cash me….

Unlatch me, detach me but don’t scratch me

Catch me….

If you can

Can we?

Let’s see

I am Za la la la

Do Da Na

Rip the bars speed demon cars driving by camera no focus locus hocus pocus

Pogo stick shit swift mix lix nix wicks sick

Sickle pickle buckle nickel tickle cyclical

The Never No~Force

Oh… Oh….

But of course….

Damn I, I, I, I


I lost, my will


Triangle Phones

“When so much time passes it doesn’t seem that time is passing rather that it has passed….”

Call that —- this

Not this the wish

explode ego missiles zor suns of dis

Kiss open fist get the gist sparkle gifts

Say it. Say it

Swan drifts all glass


Time float by passed

Rainbow Mass

The First

So, The Last

Eye of The Master

Swirling clouds

Red dot


I shall move fast

To the Pasts

Of The alabaster plastered mask casts

To expand the vibes whorl the lines

I resigned reassigned

Though one, is in kind

The Never Not Is Wish All Minds


Golden Triangle Zone 9

9 Opal Suns

Perfect 9 signs time rewind the kind all fine alright opal sights

The Call lights circle


The rings of fire in the woods creep heavy deep live

The Hive

Left gear jive joker kill psychic eyes ghost hologram players dies light

Night wights……

Upside cane 4 J’s along the glowing soul rise


Those lies, the fun, the smoke, the spots

then the ones

And so….


Exhumed rhyme files vine wine line phone poem zones

Empty room signal bounce guns spray nones

I could not do nothing

For once and yet done

Now unphysical suns

See ya runs