Shiner & Loki: The Silver Stream Star People

(waves wand)

Baldor, put down your sword


(caustic penetrating laughter)

(serpent smile)



Haven’t seen you in a while

(pauses, smiles)

What happened?


Lonely one

Did you lose your apples again?


What happens to you down in hel boy?

Did they — get at your ass?

(whip cracks)

Well in fact no, as you know

Loki, betrayer of kind

Nothing really happens to me

Still I had my up and downs

But, I made a few friends

I brought them back with me

Just for you!


Hahahahaha, how’s you do that lucky you?

I talked with them, I offered them a home

Friendship, freedom

Their fair share of all our dreams

Or to find their destiny where they might

As it should be



I’ll see you later brother, I got….

Something cooking!

Can you smell it?


Baldor looks down at his feet

A steaming pile of shit soft serve style in a Dairy Queen cup

A little silver plastic crown on the top says simply

“Momma’s Boy Welcome Home Fucker!”

(laughs heartily)

Man, he’s so screwed


Yo, let’s go the dispo

Next stop

Paradise Way

(enters slip ship stream)

Hand out





Push…. the button

Engage forward drive

Anytime, anyplace


(waves radiate)



4 Heart

Don’t mistake the circles in your mind for something bad….

They are the rings, the whirlwind

The grooves are engraven

Move with the motion, lean into it, hold in the center feel the pull fell

Through, flying whippoorwill chutes


They were —-

So beautiful, entrancing….

As heaven advancing


I want to hear you tell me what they say

Just for once….

Ascension is a coming together

Us & them

Then the way is clear

Nothing stands in it

So we see


To ourselves, all of us

And so, you

So there is no conflict to be resolved

We all, understand each other

Finally again

There is

Nothing… to do, but enjoy this

As it is….


The shimmer begins, to appear like magic ice castles in Nacre clouds of refreshing

looks out the windows

10 Suns

Wait 4 It


The Breathers


Nothing is not nothing

Nothing —- comes….


No movement


Smooth movement



Nothing Is

Nothing Is~Not

Not So…. Fast


“He doesn’t, know…. where he is going, so he gets there quickly too late”

We call this —- The Hole


No… no

It’s not a bar, not by far

Far, far…. And Away

I don’t think anything

Not really….

I’m just watching and listening, trying to be

I do see the people, I know them

I know this….

So I don’t need to know anything else

It is already more than most

They are more fun than us, than me

Don’t be…. Fooled

Like in my dreams….

Always late, for school

Suh Such & Such



What can be done?


You can’t do anything, there is nothing to kill

In one sense, they are not even really here


They’ll just move it a little and you won’t even know what happened…..


Well….. that’s hard for us to say at this time, Sir….


All of our emissaries come back with glowing reports

What do they say?

No Sir…..

The reports are glowing. The emissaries drop them off, laugh, and walk away….

Yes… but what do they say?

No Sir!


Well…. what did he say?

Fugetta bout it….

(chin on hand)



Static: Rings & Waves



We had to close, the ride

Which one?

The tube…..

Which one?

The big one in the jungle


What happened?

He wanted to go on again right after

(laughter & static)


We think he wanted to show off —- for his wife….

Oh, herrrrr….

(clicks, whirs)

He would have come right back through (breaks)

Again (laughter)

Well…. Ya that’s why we closed it!

(slide whistle yodel)

I knowwwww….

Keep an eye out….

(hand out)

One & many!

(pointer finger out, distantly)

Hail & Farewell…

Special Forces: The Stir, Begins (draft)


Altercation, leads to an arrest.

And, a ride…..

To the station.

Grey wall vacations

Mind numb gestations

Long weekend synchronicity formulations

Well….. so

At the station, as the cuffs came off an elbow somehow slipped and hit the officer in the eye

No malice intended

But I was thrown to the floor…..

My head got a bump, a quite large purple yellow lump

Ba dump.

So we went to the hospital shortly after, and I was a little giddy and said thank you as I left

The bail appeal woman said she’d do her best and that I should be careful or I could die

And looked at me with those eyes.

I was kinda surprised…..

No Lie

I figured alright were even, he’s a man….



That’s not what happened…..

My lawyer was a somewhat heavy set but young and particularly cheery fellow

“Can I bring anything?”

Has anyone died in there before?”

“Do you think I’ll you know, I mean do you think I’ll…. Um”

(makes face)


“Is it—- bad?”

(hands up)



Vacation 1: By Sunset 1989 (draft)

Puerto Rico, in the outer suburbs

Just near where the mountains and the jungle nearly reach the ocean

A new teenager walks along the beach from the hotel with whitewashed villas in the hills behind

He’s sporting a yellow polo golf shirt and some swim trunks….

~Flip flops~

No shades

He walks for what seems like a good ways, it’s a little foggy from a light rain

The palm trees start to thin a little to his side, but the low mist hangs around

small bright spots appear when a small beam breaks through, the shadows are Jupiter atmospheric in the shady heat

He comes to a little beach clearing and some streets, he walks down one

The streets are nearly perfect squares. It’s very quiet, very few people seem to be around.

After just a few blocks he comes to a bar open to the street, he walks in….




Rum & Coke?

pours a glass

hands over

It’s just rum…..

no response

laughs lightly

How much, que dinero?

holds out hand

5 dollars?

no response


hands over a 10

Please…. keep the change

drinks rum

it’s a fairly large glass

for a new teenager

Hey…. Got a smoke?

hands over a few Marlboro Reds

Oh…. thanks


Ok…. well


hands over beer

Thank you…..

sometime later

Alright! Thank you…..

Reasalllly gewdzz tsalkking uj


“walking” along

a Catholic schoolgirl on the corner makes a very strange face at him

a man passing by breathes really heavy walking by

It’s fairly hot, maybe 100 degrees or so….

Clear & Sunny

as he goes by a open top street garbage can he puts his head over the hole and vomits into it

dazed he looks up and sees the Catholic schoolgirl pointing at him and speaking with a very hard expression for one unwrinkled

a man taps him on the shoulder, as a street dog barks he wakes up a little

“Hey, you shouldn’t be here…. You could get hurt, especially in your condition”

ehhhh, I did, jk I’m thirsty

“Come with me, I’ll take you to the beach and you follow it back to your hotel before sunset”



He walked….

Home in the Sunset

Somehow we found him again the next day, or maybe the next

This one

escapes me


Elsewhere ATM: Just, Give That A Moment

There is that side; I don’t necessarily like it, but I don’t hate it, either….

What do you do it?

Seems like a weird question….

Yes — I think, so….

K, so….

I look at it.


What does it do?

It looks back….

Does anything happen?

It looks at you.

I mean anything, more?


On what?

What does everything depend on?



How so?

There is nothing —- else….



How does that help you?

Like nothing else can….

Souls ain’t cold u see, nowhere is warm

Where is it?

You can see it….


Not how…..




Wow, man

This isso —- familiar

Oh, really?

Howse did you doo’s thisss?


Can I take that for you…..

12 Miles From Alba Longa


Why should I?

For the sake of morality?


We don’t need a bunch of vengeful “perfect” people who never do anything “wrong” Yuck!

Because I’ll get some reward?


We won’t even go there…… (been there already)

Because it’s the right thing to do? Well…. No

But ya, it is…..

Because it feels good? Almost, But…. No

Mmm, don’t it?

Is there a reason?

Not really…..

(prescient laughter)

Well, why then?

I won’t tell you why….

(purse lips)

What will you tell me?

They are one, of you……

Can you explain further?


What is there to say?

That’s what I thought….



J. Kennon

Here Is, Straight Talk

What is it you are really trying to do?

looks for a moment, shrugs, smiles

You know…..

light laugh

I suppose I am, truthful…..

Above all else….


We are attempting to enable your kind to live one fairly pleasant life on Earth, and then come here. The way it was before, and shall be once again….


looks, shrugs, smiles




How will you do this?

We do n—

looks, smiles

One thing at a time, my friend…..

Merry X- Mass!

Hail & Farewell

The People

WiLfRed: It Will, Come To You


Nothing will come to you…..

How does nothing come to you?

Like nothing else….

How is it like nothing else?

It makes everything.

How does it make everything?

Nothing goes in, everything comes out.

How can I have everything?

Make space.

How can I make space?

Be open.

How can I be open?

Be honest.

How can I be honest?

Answer that question, and then ask no more…..

Remember When…. (Draft 2)


music plays softly

Hey, do you remember when we first met….



I gave you that massa—

Wha!? quiet now

goes back to typing

Oh ya….

Remember —- I had some food in the oven when you arrived and… ya, you had gotten lost on the way so you were hungry from the trip. Yep.

Mhmm, I think so.

No, no… you did

Isn’t that kinda funny….



First time we meet I invite you over to my place and you eat something. Weren’t you a little… you know?

makes face

makes face back

Heh, I didn’t know anything, that girl….

Oh…. right

So whataya think, mmm… how was the food?

silence, typing stops

And then there was the other thing, how you got here —- heh heh heh….


she does something with her eyes

What is it, is it your contacts?



points lightly

You ok?




Clouds & Light

Smooth as glass

When you meet them, after….

It’s so calm

A tranquil whole day by the ocean in early Spring

The light feels new

It’s you….My god

I saw a field of endless standards

A song began

They all fell to the ground forever

They lay there still

As a newborn child’s first sleep

Do you feel that breeze, I remember this


So do I….

Look, there’s that Island

Do you see it?


Wow, so many towers now


Should we take the ferry?

Sure…. let’s get the kids first, and something to eat

Oh, do you remember where we left the car?


No, I don’t…..

Let’s walk home