The Way Of Being, Just This

My friends….

No one….

Needs to be, afraid…..

We are not here to dispense justice

Anyone who wishes it, may join us

They only need, ask

It will, be done

Truly, there is no justice….

Have you seen it?

Nor have I

What is there then?

Only what we make of it…..

How do you expect to find peace….

If you cannot forgive all?

Including yourself?

Who will dispense this, justice….

No one, will


The Master

We know not, more

Do you, do you think—- you do?

Truly, there is no justice….

Only the peace….



How do we attain, this?

It comes from….

The Heart


It must, come out


You must give it away

To whom?

To whom….

The Master

for The Master is behind every eye, every one….

The Master see you

It see all

No one is forsaken, none are punished


Shown the way

What way?

The way home

So that we may sit & commune

What is the matter brother, why do you act so, tell us your pain, we know it already, it is in us too….

Won’t you join us?

All, will be made

Whole, again

Let’s find this peace, together

For truly….

There is, no other, way

How so?

We are all, here —- are we, not?

Of course….

We are….

Peace, peace, peace!

If you ask me, this




For All