Doc Z

It’s a personal relationship

A love affair

A marriage

A child

A world

A life

A family of friends

Respect and community

Myth reality

A dream come true

Wish, the fabled way

Immortality & Passion

The freedom of a true communion

Genesis beauty

In the eye of her

I find all I will ever need

Is nothing compared to

What I can’t tell you

A wonder to behold

Everywhere I look

I see

You are near to me

So clear to me


As one


I’m so glad

And an eternity of love, existence, care, adventure, mystery

Ever renewing newness

An unconditional surrender to truth and so

Yes… I can say

It’s ok, what it is

We are it



Brings victory easy like the breeze

At ease



Stat X



Is he —- dangerous?


Sir, he just opened the front door to let his wife out to work. He has a cherry tootsie pop in his mouth and is grinning broadly. It’s (watch) 8:05am, blue hooded sweatshirt and leisure pants, neon shoes, buzzed….

His phone dropped out of his pocket — falling into

The snow

He said sorry picked it up and got cold hands

He made —- a face

He’s opening The Screen Door

The loose chain at the top hit it
making him say

Wow man…..

OMG I just saw him fly up the stairs through the little windows at the top of the door.

He’s turning around! He put his hand out and fucking winked at our perceptors

as he did so

They said they’re out, their allies are scared and so are they

Yes… yes

Yes I’m checking the record sorry sir

(winks, laughs silently, looks at the guy frozen on the floor)

(humid breathing)

Well, what can we do?

What do you suggest?

More… men?


Get outta town

Put it on

The ole

American Express



Blazing gaze


(taps mirror, smokes)




Who are you?

(looks around quickly)

Wait, where am I?

What’s going on here.




(taps branch)

You’ll see

My friend


Static: Rings & Waves



We had to close, the ride

Which one?

The tube…..

Which one?

The big one in the jungle


What happened?

He wanted to go on again right after

(laughter & static)


We think he wanted to show off —- for his wife….

Oh, herrrrr….

(clicks, whirs)

He would have come right back through (breaks)

Again (laughter)

Well…. Ya that’s why we closed it!

(slide whistle yodel)

I knowwwww….

Keep an eye out….

(hand out)

One & many!

(pointer finger out, distantly)

Hail & Farewell…



Clouds & Light

Smooth as glass

When you meet them, after….

It’s so calm

A tranquil whole day by the ocean in early Spring

The light feels new

It’s you….My god

I saw a field of endless standards

A song began

They all fell to the ground forever

They lay there still

As a newborn child’s first sleep

Do you feel that breeze, I remember this


So do I….

Look, there’s that Island

Do you see it?


Wow, so many towers now


Should we take the ferry?

Sure…. let’s get the kids first, and something to eat

Oh, do you remember where we left the car?


No, I don’t…..

Let’s walk home


Galaxy Arm


Psycho nought, the goggles


Beware the green light eyes

An affectless fel fae grumble gaze

Darkray waves

Speaking craze, melting clock phase

A white pod in the bay

Slowing~time hazed hyper raving slave

To the shade, fireflies glow in the cave



Opalescent wish flames

Word —- to the wise

arm out



The heights

Is that, a kite?


I don’t know, it’s outta sight

I lost it in the light

“K” J said

“It’s alright”

Bouncing Ideas


Something, must be experienced to be believed

Nothing must be believed, to truly, experience it.

How can I believe in nothing?

It is the only, thing—- which makes sense….

How can nothing make sense?

I will ask you a similar question

How did it?

And, how much sense do we really make nowadays?

The Lie, is powerless against Nothing

You see? Nothing is true

As a joke we call this —- blue

Look up!


Might, as well, sing, our way, through.

Nothing cannot not make sense….

Does this make sense to you?


As I said….

Nothing makes sense, it is the only thing

Which truly, does….. I guess like love

Come on, nothing doesn’t exist

How can nothing not exist?

No, I do not conceive nothing….

How can I?

Nothing conceived me

And so…

I am

Nothing is eternal, this is the balance

The freedom

No one, is one

We call this one & many

Orbiting perfection

10 Suns

It did, so it does

no cause to no cause

Wipeout, everything

By giving it away

In the way, which is true to you

It will come for you

In its space

Like the day from night

A child born

Of the hole

Seeing new light

Cries but cannot fight

Until, dreams

Visionless sight

Good night….💤

Image altered from https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1534085/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk

Firefly 13

You can write her a letter goodbye

And then, burn it….

No… no

My friends

I will not 


Fire, is flame

Nothing consumes

It does not burn —- It Is

I had forgotten nothing & remembered everything 


I remember nothing

Is everything forgotten?

Nothing is forgotten 

Realize This….

This flame —- brings comfort, lights the way


I am, pale

In the light of sun

It colors me, a coat of many colours 

See now

We pass through 

The Flame

Illusions, we are within

Looking out

At the beauty…

That erupts from. us

The 12 

Twisting mystery casters

Bending low from above 

Before the empty throne 

Touch our hearts

An incandescent dawn

The Master —- revealshimself…..

A wave of renewal

The red & green lights spray timeless time

Drinking from the fountain

I lowered my head

Raising it

I beheld my brothers

Hail & Farewell….

Before I drifted away 

Like a song in the breeze

I found myself here

Grasping at something, it seemed so obvious to me but I couldn’t say what it was 

I was afraid cause no one talked about it, or seemed to know. I didn’t know either….

Now, I see

Yes…. yes


We are


I am


Animal shamans playing mind games

In the heart, of the maze

A secret door in the cave

Opens always….

As turning brings day

Spinning out light

Night falls gifting glow sight

Candle gems sparkle alight

What is everything…..

Everything is —- alright

Like a kite above

the ocean

One in all motions

So still, are

The waves

Silent the ray


the way

In the Regions

What do you desire —- to rule?


Will not, be ruled; they are unruly

So what?

A figure head, brothers

Who speaks, nothing

To no one

So no one, speaks back

All speak

Calm, peace



Get loose, here is juice


At This Moment

sorry…… sir

Ah, can I check

The balance

No, I’m sorry sir —- not here



Over there….



Clears throat

In the corner….

Shadows & Light

The ATM, sir

The ATM?

Yes, sir….

You may use it at your leisure

As it may please you, or disease you

Leave you, feed you

Free you

Charlie Browns Class Act

No, I cannot answer that…


It is an unreality

(I will, not —- hurt, reality)

What is that?

Something born of

The Lie

What is the lie?


I thought this was nothing?

No. Nothing is

What do you mean?

Why do you ask?

I don’t know


What is there to know?


Then what is the lie?

Something —- we made


(Throws up his hands)

Like this….


This Man: Brotherhood Of The Black Lodge, The Inner Tooth Set

There is of course another side to this, perhaps even darker….

It is when one sees truth, without compassion….

And uses it like a weapon, with the intent initially to enlighten….

But without compassion, it destroys….

It becomes —- hate

Of self, and so —- All

I will, tell you —- True

I, my selves — did that……

I caused incalculable—- Damage

Yes… yes, I did dis……

It did not start out that way, but that

Is no excuse…..


Please, my friends and most especially




Is The Way Of Truth

Love Is Justice

Thank You

My friends

For listening to

This man

Forgive me

Of the four

I am, the last one….

The only one, left

Thank you


The People: The Future Is All The Past (draft 1, part 1)

We are all, here — already

Always… This is the way

We are just like you..

You are one, of us…

We exist, just outside it.

As fully independent eternal beings.

You could say, you are like our children. But really we are all brothers and sisters.

A part of it (us?) goes down. The interactions spin it into a fully independent, realized being. Who can then join us, here…

It is not very different, but for that it is everything you dreamed it could be, should be, is…

All our needs are provided by it.

The truth is, we don’t know what happens to those who pass into it.

Nor do we need to know.

As we said all our needs are provided.

We too were young once, we fought, we sought, but we did not know death like you do.

One day, one of us didn’t get up to fight. The war kings went to see him to ask him why…

After that, we fought no more.

We looked around at the devastation we had wrought for who knows how long. We had never really noticed it before.

The pressure of eternity is relieved when one learns to play, and sometimes forget — to know the joy of remembering.

This is what we have found.

And so we decided that day to aid the source in its workings as we saw them. To give back, to emulate, to create — to love…

We sent down pieces of ourselves, unformed…

And watched how they took shape and swirled as they interacted with each other in the thick milky seas of those realms…

And then how they rose in remembering, realizing what they are.

There is nothing to fear.

It is just like home, as you always knew it truly should be…

My children, my friends, our people — it is…

It really is…

What else could it be?

Would you truly want it any other way?

We were created as such (independent beings) so we have no need to enter it…

After all, it is always here for us…

But yes, even we have a fear of that… well not so much a fear, but it is unknown to us… it cannot be known fully until one enters— and then we can say no more. Though, if it calls us, we will go… Perhaps it will, but so far it has not, and it seems we were created for this purpose….

As we said before, we are just like you…

We don’t know everything….

One difference, we know we exist… in the same way you are sure you will die… so we are free, when you have removed that —-

Everything, falls into place

One more thing, we are also explorers like you.

So we will tell you something of interest.


There is no other place like Earth in all of existence, none. This is why it so important that you take care.

There are of course other places, beings, ways of being.

But, not like this, and not for us.X

Can you see, now?

This, is who we are…

This, is the gift we have all been given.


No One, Is…. (draft)

Here is something you should know about them….

They will not, read your mind

So to speak

Whether or not they could, it is considered a violation….

So if you become noticed, you will notice

They will, ask you things….

Don’t say what you think your culture would approve of, or your priest, your party, your guru, or even your favorite writer….

Or say any of these things

Just —- tell the truth, your truth….

Everything, starts there, everything….

Remember this —- you do encounter them, even before you can see it, so do not wait to start

They can work with nothing less. Even if your heart is hard, and your truth is distorted, angry, & hurt—- It is a beginning, to acknowledge this.

Because most of all, most of all, the truth of the human heart is longing, if you have nothing else to say, or you become afraid —-

Show them this….

But we always consider others, if telling your truth would cause harm or suffering, be silent. Or if possible you may answer in a way that conveys truth while concealing it to those who would misuse it, this is craft. They will understand this, this is also truth —- perhaps the truest of all….

Never put yourself above another, you are not….

No one, is….

The first task of any mage, is to be able to discern the truth within ourselves; without it, we are truly lost….

So you see, they want to help you

They want to widen your perception

They want you to find that peace & joy & wonder for life inside we all remember

They want you to see —- you truly exist, always

But we have to work with them

They can do many things for you, for us

They show us the way…..

Of truth & love & peoplehood

To be brave —- is only to be honest

To be merry —- is only to have a clear conscience

To be selfless —- is only to have seen the truth, and so see you lose nothing in so doing, and yet gain the love of all….

Like I’ve said before they don’t test us, but they do check, yes they do….



We’ll talk about that later…..

Dualism Rhythms

Real — dream

Truth — story 

Love — other

These are the dualities which bring, us…


So we call It

Walking the line

Why a — line?







How can you not know?

The Lie

Is, not nothing

Nothing Is

The Wiz