4 Heart

Don’t mistake the circles in your mind for something bad….

They are the rings, the whirlwind

The grooves are engraven

Move with the motion, lean into it, hold in the center feel the pull fell

Through, flying whippoorwill chutes


They were —-

So beautiful, entrancing….

As heaven advancing


I want to hear you tell me what they say

Just for once….

Ascension is a coming together

Us & them

Then the way is clear

Nothing stands in it

So we see


To ourselves, all of us

And so, you

So there is no conflict to be resolved

We all, understand each other

Finally again

There is

Nothing… to do, but enjoy this

As it is….


The shimmer begins, to appear like magic ice castles in Nacre clouds of refreshing

looks out the windows

10 Suns

Wait 4 It

The Little One Of Dune


The snake

In the ground, it comes around

Speaking in Vzzz…..


They control you, hold you, fold you

Told you……

Aren’t you bold —- you?


Who are you?

No one, is coming

To save you….

Say you?

I may lose my way

From time to time…..

But If I am honest

About it

I don’t know where

I am, going



My friend…..


For now

The Salem Set

And just how will I know—- The True….


They, will never —- fight you

Even if it means their ruin, enslavement….


If those things happen it is no mans will —- but gods alone

For they have seen past, the veil….

And so….

We fear no man, or the grave….

Endless lines


This is why we say….

I am

For we are deathless

The peaceful warriors, the dreamers —-
of God & The Mother


Epis Kopoi

I will not, wish for anything…..

What more, do I need?

What have I done….

To deserve —- this?


So nothing will be done, as nothing is done….

I accept —- what is given

As graciously as I can….

But still, yes —- I do

Desire you….

How can I not?

I cannot….

So I accept it

So it does not desire, desire is ——


And when I see you…..

I feel so full

It cannot help, but to come pouring—-


As I am flooded in light, bathed in presence

I swirl around you, and you I


Like two colliding galaxies

Wild orbits

Reaching out as we meet along the long curving passes, for a moment


We shall meet, at the center

We shall see our reflections side by side as we float before….

The One

It fills all our, vision

We are as two small people, before

The Sun

All I can say is

More shall be revealed


Why would you want to know

Surprise, is what makes life what it is

So please, do not despair that you do not know all

You are not lost

You, are here….

Remember, all knows you

It knows us —- All

Until then…..

Be well

-D. Kinjay

Connect The Blots

No… no

They, are not testing you

or even checking, really….

They are not trying, to get under your skin


What are they doing?

They wish….

To see, if you can discern —- Truth


Do you have the balance, the compassion, the love, the bravery

To speak it

Without judgement



For the only way, this works

Is if we take the time, the effort….

And yes…. when critical the sacrifice

Of no one, but —- our selves…..

Are you willing….

To put yourself….

On the line?

What line?

The only, one….

It, connects —- Us




Remember, no force is necessary

Nothing, Is

A Prayer: To Remember Always


YesI think —- we all have

How do I, do it?

I say, one thing….

Thank you

Truly, nothing more can be said


What can you say to

The one

Who gives everything

Who gave everything

Who is now nothing

But this….

For you

What will you be?

Can you see, what this is



What is it….

You still think —- you need

And remember, call me anytime

Tell me, anything you wish

I will listen, quietly

As a good friend or parent does

I may not say anything

But, believe me

I want the best for you, everything

And I…



For I am not nothingz

You can do

To me


You wish

This, is the —–

peace of the seers

I wished for you

To be

As you wish to be

Also… so that <—-

I may, see

But, not think about the other side

Only feel deep my seat

My loved ones are it

Look darlings to the ever twisting opulenzensense always here present gift never tense pens

Now times to recedes…

Peace, peace, peace


Arms straight out

Palms flat forward

Ray from nothing everything becomes

A. sun –none sums up none

V upside down

Right on…

No Displays Of What Always Is

What can you shut down…


The way is shut

shut to what…


Is not what

It is

Only… you

Of course, the views

when everything soothes smoothes


On the curves swerves no nerves unheard unheeded bleeds holes souls blinking phones glowing tomes

A tone, in the house seeks abouts through the snaking patient no sweet nothings can explain it

Whispers — light!

Displays it…

We Will —- Meet Mr. Always Dies

How does one change?

By adding one, or taking one away

How does one do that?

One does not, one does nothing

How then is one added or taken away?

In the mind


Excuse me please…

I must go now

I have things to do

Oh, ok….

Let’s do this again…

Oh, don’t worry —- you will.