The Grey One Walks Everywhere, Until He Flies

The grey rider

Walked alongside, his friend

A horse glistens red

The fresh blood of his wounds, his travels

Pain swept away as he smiles

We live!

Thank you, Master….

In the vague light of a gathering morning

Still dreaming

It seems…. he saw

The breath

Leave him, as it

Becomes clear

I am…. I am

“You are what?” Said his still slightly drunken companions from the evening before

Oh…. nothing

My friends

White Horse- Peace

Red Horse- Love

Black Horse- Existence

Clear Horse- Truth

The People: All Vibration No~Name Nation

Realities, Real I Tries

Consensual — different

We call this— The Sameness

Oh, would you like me to explain it…

Insane myths, a riff, a cliff —

Yas, come closee

Light, my spliffs

It’s not dif, its def

Sure, man…

You may call me — the ref

I confessed, as I dressed — sticky webs

Nagual man, sometimes with a tan…

Feet in sands, the edge of dawn lands

Starts again

You may call this —-

Never Never Land Zens

A wand, or the tip of a pen?

Non oh blends

Eyes to the wind

A wonder of thunders

In the end

Nothing does defend

Its alright outta sight

Excuse me please

Time now, to dip into

The night


Hail & Farewell


good vibes

Yes, it is —- everywhere, where else would it be? You are, able & deathless….