Simple Simon Diamonds

What do you have?


What is that?

The Truth.

It must be terrible….

No, no…. Not, at all.

How so?

It will, come to you.

What will?



Does not wish, to be had….


Do you?


So Be…..


Magic Words Mean Nothing

No…. no

We are not, things

This, is our equality

It is born, of us

You see

After —- sometime

You begin to become it, not just feel


As it feels you now, it becomes you as well

In fact, it is

All the time, not only after sometime

So, if we wish to remain ourselves once in a while we come down to help others and remind ourselves of what it is to be one of us and what we are doing


For The Master calls us back or he does not

It is not for us decide, when it is the time

Time is given

To us

For good

And also….

For —- ever

So how can we help but…..

No, no

Who else should we share this eternity with…..

But, our people….

We see, you all

And this time

Alas, my friends…..

Nothing ends

Once, again…..

Z Deli: Head Zing Home

No lesson is absolute

Only what it cannot tell us


Which is?

What cannot be imagined?


How can nothing not be imagined?

Nothing can be imagined….


Where does that leave us?

Beyond imagination….

What is imagination?


How so?

It’s all you do. Isn’t it?

I don’t know….

grunts positively

I’ll see you later, let’s pick this up another time —- shall we?

Oh? Where are you going….

Oh, nowhere —- just home

K, see you later…..

Chills Pillz

No… no

Don’t try to dance that one last me….

Past me, pass me, dash me, crash me

Cash me….

Unlatch me, detach me but don’t scratch me

Catch me….

If you can

Can we?

Let’s see

I am Za la la la

Do Da Na

Rip the bars speed demon cars driving by camera no focus locus hocus pocus

Pogo stick shit swift mix lix nix wicks sick

Sickle pickle buckle nickel tickle cyclical

The Never No~Force

Oh… Oh….

But of course….

Damn I, I, I, I


I lost, my will




Let’s pick one out of The Hat

And see, what we come up with.

roots around





Ohhhhhh, sure…

How so?

Think about it….

It’s a show about nothing.

But what is the quintessential thing (almost) all the characters do or don’t do, and is the cause of hilarity & tragedy?

Their liars, of course…. and yet there is so much honesty there, floating around.


But I believe, in the end

They all found their own —-


The Bright & Dark Dream Face I Saw

When I’m alone I go into the awesome, the grand show of dark & light

With people I am bright, welcoming, quiet, comforting, and accommodating

I am a natural actor, but I am not pretending… only acting as this, which is all true my brothers, I love it, and so all of you.

I have seen, and so do not fear my brother fellow man no matter what the master the master the master creates all reality realities I only crosses them my friends there is no such, such that there is I is

This is bliss but the kind which grows and turns and burns and recedes and bleeds and reforms and is torn and tossed and costs us

Keeping amulets so smooth rocks looking for the docks an empty place a fair face a spinning gaze no more craze I need to go I am

Lazeye faded….

Seer 10 Bands

to become — unknown

to every one, only oneself

robots on a far far shelf

a wet slinking help

tingling bells memories of hel

The Well, the fountains

The Magic Mountain

Foundation ground nation no names flames bent we sent the zen the pen the lens

Seers ten

Nothing is again


Nothing ends

Coming To Mind

Staring into Eternity…

One thing, comes to mind…

Who shall I share this with?

We call this — The Love of The Seers…


Truly, my friend — This is all…

So we say, “I am”

We are, we are, here… Now

A Glow Pen Floats In Hand


I said…

Before The Master

One hand, on my heart

The other a slight angle, palm outward straight up…

For now, I will always — follow your direction, which is nothing only


I flew

An eye in a cloud

Beautiful & Sound

A kind friend

But of a kind, a quality

Which must be wished

To be found

I was

I Saw


I am

Always bound

It is

Here all around

The ups & downs

The Dawn of Time

To its


I felt

All — this time…


First, I thought


Yes & No

But, those are only lines

The many in one

One in many

As a horn of plenty

We have nothing

And so…

No walls

From which falls

The Endless

Pouring Graces of The Spaces

Weaving new time shoe laces


Now, see you…

I am


Here, my place



Yes, I did say….


Hail & Farewell

The People

This Here Magic Is

Look… here

Where you are, real e

There are no magic formulas…

They are attainments…

And in themselves they mean nothing….

It just more illusion…

How is attainment attained…

One way — truth.

And all, follows it…

Existence— is no lie…

Do you see?

You harm reality when you lie…

This is why you see madness — spreading…

There is no other reason…

So, what do you care about magic?

You can’t even handle the mundane….


Come back when you get…



We will show you something beyond your wildest fantasies….



Four Four Five Is 13


Selfless, not no-self

No-self is unstable, as is all self —- so we say, selfless


It is right there aka here….

So? What’s the point….

Nothing, really

So what?

What, is it —- you need….

Well, nothing really I suppose….

And now, look….

At everything, do you see how

Nothing is free…

No, I don’t

Ah well, don’t worry

It will come to you —- in time


Like a dream (real e)

Come (to us)

(It is) True…..

Dualism Rhythms

Real — dream

Truth — story 

Love — other

These are the dualities which bring, us…


So we call It

Walking the line

Why a — line?







How can you not know?

The Lie

Is, not nothing

Nothing Is

The Wiz











Hallway Potion

Slow potion hallway mystery motions — it is balanced on my head, unwind… the lines —- applies, fast forward lotion, potent, opens non end, nothing, closing. Turning I now, saw myself, from behind looking nowhere from over somewhere out of,,, rhyme

they run slipping counterclockwise in time, mind absorber signs which redefine nothing in a more familiar way

a never seen sun rise flies seeing all blindkind

clouds drift through the lights

perfectly it seems so

I end up, moving, going on 

down to the trees and the little houses

from the night sea dream

what do you need sir?

i need time, time 

time is free sir…

but i don’t have enough

your mistaken time has you

what can i do?

stop struggling, it will, let you go

and then?

some would say you could flow with it, or swim around some…

and you?

what do I say? well excuse me, let me go check…

writes good morning on the wall