Doc Z

It’s a personal relationship

A love affair

A marriage

A child

A world

A life

A family of friends

Respect and community

Myth reality

A dream come true

Wish, the fabled way

Immortality & Passion

The freedom of a true communion

Genesis beauty

In the eye of her

I find all I will ever need

Is nothing compared to

What I can’t tell you

A wonder to behold

Everywhere I look

I see

You are near to me

So clear to me


As one


I’m so glad

And an eternity of love, existence, care, adventure, mystery

Ever renewing newness

An unconditional surrender to truth and so

Yes… I can say

It’s ok, what it is

We are it



Brings victory easy like the breeze

At ease





Is not slavery.

It is —- Silence


It is —- laying down

Before your love….

Only to rise

In Victory & Death

Over All


The Breathers


Nothing is not nothing

Nothing —- comes….


No movement


Smooth movement



Nothing Is

Nothing Is~Not

Not So…. Fast


“He doesn’t, know…. where he is going, so he gets there quickly too late”

We call this —- The Hole


No… no

It’s not a bar, not by far

Far, far…. And Away

I don’t think anything

Not really….

I’m just watching and listening, trying to be

I do see the people, I know them

I know this….

So I don’t need to know anything else

It is already more than most

They are more fun than us, than me

Don’t be…. Fooled

Like in my dreams….

Always late, for school

Suh Such & Such



What can be done?


You can’t do anything, there is nothing to kill

In one sense, they are not even really here


They’ll just move it a little and you won’t even know what happened…..


Well….. that’s hard for us to say at this time, Sir….


All of our emissaries come back with glowing reports

What do they say?

No Sir…..

The reports are glowing. The emissaries drop them off, laugh, and walk away….

Yes… but what do they say?

No Sir!


Well…. what did he say?

Fugetta bout it….

(chin on hand)



Static: Rings & Waves



We had to close, the ride

Which one?

The tube…..

Which one?

The big one in the jungle


What happened?

He wanted to go on again right after

(laughter & static)


We think he wanted to show off —- for his wife….

Oh, herrrrr….

(clicks, whirs)

He would have come right back through (breaks)

Again (laughter)

Well…. Ya that’s why we closed it!

(slide whistle yodel)

I knowwwww….

Keep an eye out….

(hand out)

One & many!

(pointer finger out, distantly)

Hail & Farewell…

Vacation 1: By Sunset 1989 (draft)

Puerto Rico, in the outer suburbs

Just near where the mountains and the jungle nearly reach the ocean

A new teenager walks along the beach from the hotel with whitewashed villas in the hills behind

He’s sporting a yellow polo golf shirt and some swim trunks….

~Flip flops~

No shades

He walks for what seems like a good ways, it’s a little foggy from a light rain

The palm trees start to thin a little to his side, but the low mist hangs around

small bright spots appear when a small beam breaks through, the shadows are Jupiter atmospheric in the shady heat

He comes to a little beach clearing and some streets, he walks down one

The streets are nearly perfect squares. It’s very quiet, very few people seem to be around.

After just a few blocks he comes to a bar open to the street, he walks in….




Rum & Coke?

pours a glass

hands over

It’s just rum…..

no response

laughs lightly

How much, que dinero?

holds out hand

5 dollars?

no response


hands over a 10

Please…. keep the change

drinks rum

it’s a fairly large glass

for a new teenager

Hey…. Got a smoke?

hands over a few Marlboro Reds

Oh…. thanks


Ok…. well


hands over beer

Thank you…..

sometime later

Alright! Thank you…..

Reasalllly gewdzz tsalkking uj


“walking” along

a Catholic schoolgirl on the corner makes a very strange face at him

a man passing by breathes really heavy walking by

It’s fairly hot, maybe 100 degrees or so….

Clear & Sunny

as he goes by a open top street garbage can he puts his head over the hole and vomits into it

dazed he looks up and sees the Catholic schoolgirl pointing at him and speaking with a very hard expression for one unwrinkled

a man taps him on the shoulder, as a street dog barks he wakes up a little

“Hey, you shouldn’t be here…. You could get hurt, especially in your condition”

ehhhh, I did, jk I’m thirsty

“Come with me, I’ll take you to the beach and you follow it back to your hotel before sunset”



He walked….

Home in the Sunset

Somehow we found him again the next day, or maybe the next

This one

escapes me


Umbrella Chats (drafts)

Find them?


No, no….

That’s not how we do it

And anyway, what could I say?


How do you do it?

I don’t know…..

And, neither will you



What, you don’t remember?

Oh…. I know what your trying to do…..

I’m not doing nothing, man —-

What is it we are doing?

You could say that, but I’ll tell you this….


No…. no


Who is that laughing, it’s getting rather annoying….

Oh nobody, pay them no mind….

Well anyway I’ve reached out, of course…..


We stay in touch, but it’s almost the holiday

Such a busy time of year, you know

Do you worry?

I have, but I remember what they told me you see —- what they’ve done for me….

To me, now what would I be if I were to pretend —- I don’t remember?


Heh, nothing….

And I wonder, how can I doubt them…..

There is nothing more to find out….

Peace of mind is here, now

To bear eternity only one thing is required

The ability to bear oneself

To see your reflection in the void



Smiling, crying, recognizing

Seeing —- oneself

For once


So, we may be together again

In harmony, even as we struggle

These are the qualities of one & many…..

All comes to us, as we go to nothing

You may call them dreams

What we call real are only their memories

I don’t need to know anything….

Why do I need to know…..

What difference, will it make…..

I don’t need to see anymore

I’ve seen how nothing is clear

And it is beautiful

But what of the horror…..

Nothing is what it seems

Is this comfort?

lowers umbrella

My friend….

It seems to have stopped

The Wonderful & Mysterious Show

Love the illusion

As you do

The real thing

And you will see

there is no difference

Between things

We all, touch

Does this make us, one?

Nothing made us

How did nothing make us?

One, at a time

Which time?

Which other, our own

Do you own it?

No, I have no time

Time for what?

I have no time for that

What do you have time for?

I am talking to you….

Aren’t I?

Are you asking me?

Who else?

I don’t know if you are I, but I suppose I can say you are you….

You are you, is that saying anything?

It must be….


You said it

Did I?


You did



Now, let’s go to the show


The Leaning Walls Hall

You see….

They are, very old

They want to laugh, cry….


Not why —


High, man


The Lie

Ties, binds, blinds

Glory, be

The Sign

The One

Not Made, of


Nor time, or dying

Raising Zion

Peaceful lions

Diamond sirens



Roaring…. do you have time

All —- in the world

My friend O

I am

yet, not yet

Is nothing, said the dead


We are, here

No fears

Spiral wyrd

Rising clear

A luminescent deer

Darts near

The Cloud Seer

Drifting ten years

In a moment, or quotient

Just words, for the birds

Crow eye people touch contact kites elevation

Look! The Way Stations are aflame hurts

What is…. worth, without

No doubt

Acceleration destination no zone flame bent

The Dreamer awake in scenes of the phantom beams entanglement haze colors green, against —- the wall



No means, not schemes or fiends but unending ways through the gaze of an unearthly bliss which twists and brings forth the snake to hiss in the halls where we fall onto spinning creature lovers

Above & under

Cast blue lighting wonders

Sweet aroma thunders

Run wave ghosting hunters

No plunder, no blunders, no blinkers

They wink….


Dial 9….


Riddles In The Dark

Who is their mother?

The Huntress, she protects the hidden ways

Where do they meet?

In a glen, behind The Fair

By the old well…..

On the lands of Sugaar

Where did they come from?

Born on the Planes of White Light

They lived amongst The Shrubs & The Oak for a time, then ascended the Magic Mountain

And down again the other side, finally to The Lands of Sugaar

Some call it —- The Sticks

Where I cast, down…. all my lix

Come, now….

Servants of god, hear The Masters call



The Fall…..

Cave Souls

Near, the falls….

The hemlock grows

By the cottage where everything is kept neatly in rows

It has been said, since long ago….

The old woman —- knows

A frosted blood moon


I am —- the portal

The vortex swirling

Grows, behind me

And so…..

Though I know nothing

I see, now


The folds

So many stories, each a chapter

They blend in the end….

Like our souls

One & many

Or so….

I have been told

~Za Za Na~

Safe in the diamond

Spilling out gold


The rising tide

For the wave

It carries, us….

All —- The Way


The Salem Set

And just how will I know—- The True….


They, will never —- fight you

Even if it means their ruin, enslavement….


If those things happen it is no mans will —- but gods alone

For they have seen past, the veil….

And so….

We fear no man, or the grave….

Endless lines


This is why we say….

I am

For we are deathless

The peaceful warriors, the dreamers —-
of God & The Mother


The Palo Wars: Four Sticks


Captain, captain

The war is over, where do we go from here…..

Points —-

Forward, in waves

To what end?

The end of the line

We would follow you anywhere sir, though we are only four now….

Things are different now friend, none shall follow me

As we head home….

Picking up the sticks along the way that cross our path

Each of you pick a direction if you will then follow it till you come to a well; cast down your sticks and walk away home….


You will see, my friends….

We won’t leave you….

But you must, the war is over

Now, we will all find our own peace….

And then Captain?

I am no longer your captain, only your friend

And then, old buddy?


We shall meet at home, of course….

How will we, find home?

Follow…. The Stars

We shall have a smoke and a drink as we watch our children grow.

Then, we will pass on

To where?

The Lands, of our people….

The Old Palo Wars are over, it is now our time….


Hail & Farewell!


Hail & Farewell, my friends….

Let’s now cry as we embrace and part ways….

It pleases God to see


Four Sticks: The Dark & Light One Awakens

My friends,

The Portal is open…

The storm came today, it brought with it the wind & rain

Now, it clears….

Yesterday came The Apple

He ate it

So I know now

The Dark & Light One has returned from Hel

Obscured in shadow, half his face golden

He now shines

He has his feather

He brought back with him

Four Sticks

For, The Well….

The Well

Is, here

I have seen

It is on a fair road

Off the Old 6

The Tooth, the inner of inner


Is Now….

Shall be….



Only nothing can stop us, now





Thank You


The 9th Gate

No… no

It is not a barrier….


A gate….

Is it to keep us out?


What is it for then?

So that we may ask, and so see….

See what?

How nothing listens….

How does nothing listen?

Like a good parent….

How do they listen?



They wish for us too see —- as, well….

See what?

What they are trying to tell us….

Which… Is?


Yes what?


No what?





Is The Gate

Not there?

No, it is here….


Points inward

Waves around


Whoa, not even a goodbye?


You will….

Hear it…..

Anthem of The Nagual Scout

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams; unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me.

I have spent my life
Seeking all that’s still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me.

In the book of love’s own dreams
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old.

When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me
You flew to me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Jerry Garcia / Robert HunterAttics of My Life lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc