Petty Matter(s)

If you wish to advance do not learn….



The Dream

What is the dream?

All of ours

But…. what is it?



How so?


Nothing, is true

Where does that leave us?

(hand out)

Together, forever…..

Connect The Blots

No… no

They, are not testing you

or even checking, really….

They are not trying, to get under your skin


What are they doing?

They wish….

To see, if you can discern —- Truth


Do you have the balance, the compassion, the love, the bravery

To speak it

Without judgement



For the only way, this works

Is if we take the time, the effort….

And yes…. when critical the sacrifice

Of no one, but —- our selves…..

Are you willing….

To put yourself….

On the line?

What line?

The only, one….

It, connects —- Us




Remember, no force is necessary

Nothing, Is

At The Other Side Cafe (it’s gone, now)


What is the other side like?

The other side!

wide eyes


Ah, just kidding….


Umm, it’s a lot like this….

How so?

Well, ah… it’s a mirror

What do you mean?

idk —- why don’t you go look in a mirror and see if you can figure it out….

Anything else?

Yep, there is….

A lot of it….


Bah, nothing

Well… thanks a lot!

Sure, my pleasure

see you….


waves back

No One, Is…. (draft)

Here is something you should know about them….

They will not, read your mind

So to speak

Whether or not they could, it is considered a violation….

So if you become noticed, you will notice

They will, ask you things….

Don’t say what you think your culture would approve of, or your priest, your party, your guru, or even your favorite writer….

Or say any of these things

Just —- tell the truth, your truth….

Everything, starts there, everything….

Remember this —- you do encounter them, even before you can see it, so do not wait to start

They can work with nothing less. Even if your heart is hard, and your truth is distorted, angry, & hurt—- It is a beginning, to acknowledge this.

Because most of all, most of all, the truth of the human heart is longing, if you have nothing else to say, or you become afraid —-

Show them this….

But we always consider others, if telling your truth would cause harm or suffering, be silent. Or if possible you may answer in a way that conveys truth while concealing it to those who would misuse it, this is craft. They will understand this, this is also truth —- perhaps the truest of all….

Never put yourself above another, you are not….

No one, is….

The first task of any mage, is to be able to discern the truth within ourselves; without it, we are truly lost….

So you see, they want to help you

They want to widen your perception

They want you to find that peace & joy & wonder for life inside we all remember

They want you to see —- you truly exist, always

But we have to work with them

They can do many things for you, for us

They show us the way…..

Of truth & love & peoplehood

To be brave —- is only to be honest

To be merry —- is only to have a clear conscience

To be selfless —- is only to have seen the truth, and so see you lose nothing in so doing, and yet gain the love of all….

Like I’ve said before they don’t test us, but they do check, yes they do….



We’ll talk about that later…..

Loch Mists

I am not, trying

To figure things out

That is only a quest, for power…

There is only one power, now

The power of delusion

All else is free…

So I sit, and smoke

And let things come to me….

Even as others leave me….

Like a tree, I suppose….

Why smoke?

The smoking mirror

Show us, how

Nothing is clear