The Hand

It’s ok….

I can see, you are sad

Let it out

Don’t be ashamed, it is in all of us

It’s ok

It can even feel good…..

All of the emotions can feel good

They are…. A Gift

They are all the same thing, they come from the same place —-



What about the negative emotions?

Those are not emotions, those are reactions

How can I manage this?

You cannot, this is why we say do not try

Let it be

Should I never do anything?

I did not say that….

Well, what did you say?

I don’t really know….

How can you not know what you said?

Because, I don’t understand it

I feel it

How does it feel?

(hand on heart)





Clouds & Light

Smooth as glass

When you meet them, after….

It’s so calm

A tranquil whole day by the ocean in early Spring

The light feels new

It’s you….My god

I saw a field of endless standards

A song began

They all fell to the ground forever

They lay there still

As a newborn child’s first sleep

Do you feel that breeze, I remember this


So do I….

Look, there’s that Island

Do you see it?


Wow, so many towers now


Should we take the ferry?

Sure…. let’s get the kids first, and something to eat

Oh, do you remember where we left the car?


No, I don’t…..

Let’s walk home


Lights Smoke

From the train tracks

Looking up a hill he can’t see over the top, there’s trees lining the edge

Do you want to go?

To town?

Looks uneasily

No fucking way

I don’t know what I would say

To them


Keep walking

Where do you want to go?

The Park?

What about the monkey tree….

Sure, we can have a look

Do you feel anything?

looks around & down

I don’t know

quiet laughter



lights, smoke

Well, let’s go….


The Way Of The North

The lands are in the north
Where it is clear

Also in the desert
Where they appear

And also in the sea
Where nothing is clear

As an eye, full of tears
So severe, the view of the seer
But this is only fears

And as nothing is
Nothing clears

Like the parting years
Departing for the fields

Unyielding, wryd spears
Their heads they appear

Here & there, is this not everywhere
Who cares…. we are where
We wish —- to be

What do you want to see
What else could there be, but what a son or a daughter of the stars makes themselves

As they were made from what has always been, and will be

So forever. and beyond

The Master is the way & beyond
First you must get here

See you

Falling Treasure

We give thanks —-


The Fall

A harvest, of the tall, the full

The Ripe….

As day clears the night

Collecting treasure

Before comes The White

No sight, just a vision



The Bent Zent

RadioShack 2002

An employee

Cool, thanks

Blank ranks sank



Yo, I’m going to the store to get smokes

Be right back….

Walks to the diner, sits at the bar

Excuse me…. can I have a vodka & seltzer please

Lime twist…

Feed back loop



A little while later

Passes the packy on the way backy

Slack zen sweets


Ran deep

Beep beep


Come down the —-

Basement, let’s get

Wasted, way bent, free rent

The Lord zent

Sure, it’s my ten

And so, and so….

So, so, so

It went

Ion forgiveness

Is, always

Like a desert wind

What is….




Epis Kopoi

I will not, wish for anything…..

What more, do I need?

What have I done….

To deserve —- this?


So nothing will be done, as nothing is done….

I accept —- what is given

As graciously as I can….

But still, yes —- I do

Desire you….

How can I not?

I cannot….

So I accept it

So it does not desire, desire is ——


And when I see you…..

I feel so full

It cannot help, but to come pouring—-


As I am flooded in light, bathed in presence

I swirl around you, and you I


Like two colliding galaxies

Wild orbits

Reaching out as we meet along the long curving passes, for a moment


We shall meet, at the center

We shall see our reflections side by side as we float before….

The One

It fills all our, vision

We are as two small people, before

The Sun

All I can say is

More shall be revealed


Why would you want to know

Surprise, is what makes life what it is

So please, do not despair that you do not know all

You are not lost

You, are here….

Remember, all knows you

It knows us —- All

Until then…..

Be well

-D. Kinjay

Night Last Like The Past

No…. no

I have, no idea

What is —- going on

But…. it is


Like a song the soundtrack of breathless dawn
long the lawns I crosses them all a hyper tumble time ball stopping for a moment I bummed a smoke from the faun was that wrong?

Pong…. pong….. ping….


Now bow at the waist like folding space lines

Ace, run but don’t race see with your face

Flowers in the vase

Monkey in a cage




to smiling skies

Becoming….. nothing

There are no eyes, to close

As mind time twisting melt flows

Out and back in the rivers of din

Through wobbling holes they glow

Fell through one got lucky and hit home…..

Reached over and grabbed my phone

Seems like the right zone, are things where they were how do they look in the light?

-The Lunatic

The 9th Gate

No… no

It is not a barrier….


A gate….

Is it to keep us out?


What is it for then?

So that we may ask, and so see….

See what?

How nothing listens….

How does nothing listen?

Like a good parent….

How do they listen?



They wish for us too see —- as, well….

See what?

What they are trying to tell us….

Which… Is?


Yes what?


No what?





Is The Gate

Not there?

No, it is here….


Points inward

Waves around


Whoa, not even a goodbye?


You will….

Hear it…..

The Beyonder & The Black Rainbow (draft)

I do not correct people

Nor do I wrong them

What do you do?

I am, doing nothing

How so?

One, does nothing

How does one do nothing?

By neither correcting, nor wronging

What then?

Allowing this to speak through me

How can this speak through me?


What is truthfully?

Full of truth

What is full of truth?


How is emptiness full of truth?

It is clear

What is clear?

Nothing is clear

And so I neither correct nor wrong anyone, this is clearly true.

What do you do then?

I do nothing then, then is not

Now is the time

For what?

For this….

For this what?

For this to end


Allthings end as nothing begins

How does nothing begin?

As nothing


What will happen when nothing begins?


What is everything?

You are, to me….

And so I neither correct nor wrong you


See you, not your words…..

What do you see?

Something, beyond words

Beyond right, and wrong

Truth or The Lie

Beyond vision, or feeling, even seeing

Beyond all things, concepts, fears, desire, joy

Beyond all space and time

Beyond emptiness

Beyond nothingness


I know not

It is, beyond me

What is beyond you?

My love

The Master


From beyond

Beyond what?

Life & Death



What is beyond imagining?

Us, finding each other so close

Amidst this



I will, never

Let you go, until

You see

See what?

I am

Not, holding you

I hold nothing


The Master

Carry us



Beyond The Black Rainbow


What is home?

It is where….

My true love….

Awaits, us—-

All Forever

The Grey One Walks Everywhere, Until He Flies

The grey rider

Walked alongside, his friend

A horse glistens red

The fresh blood of his wounds, his travels

Pain swept away as he smiles

We live!

Thank you, Master….

In the vague light of a gathering morning

Still dreaming

It seems…. he saw

The breath

Leave him, as it

Becomes clear

I am…. I am

“You are what?” Said his still slightly drunken companions from the evening before

Oh…. nothing

My friends

White Horse- Peace

Red Horse- Love

Black Horse- Existence

Clear Horse- Truth

Becoming Mist

Pitchers pour

Taken, from fountains

Atop, The magic mountain

Down pouring it flows

How quickly, things…

Slow, go

Oh… no

Whoa, so

No… no, I don’t know

Please, this one







A mist


I feel….


Crossing The Line And Gone So

You know it’s not true, rather

It is… it really doesn’t matter how — you get nothing, only…

If you can, touch it just let it go and fall burning to the ground

dug up from mad gone phones the cabinets all open and closed the windows froze radiators breathe wires seethe falling rot teeth thieves of the inner sleeves

Leaping alone no inside no I didn’t know I didn’t imagine anything could be as it is so this is real what I did I find proof in the changing booths jumping off roofs onto pools of new rules

no explanations is how we do it those are only for you and me snakes walk backward flashing the hive zones though, interrupt me back to this I can’t make it… home

what a, sorrow no tomorrows gone fallow

After you, nothing— really matter anymore

But all of you— don’t tell… don’t sell, it’s a well swirling is all it does it’s all swell it needs to like all of us so we call it just such

A suchness has no goal posts no failures only The Master sends all reality so we slide in circles around and approach a formless kind in unforeseeable awe and oh my god it’s all true my…. my. Mercy please — yes… they send it

in beams it seems

Let me go to it for all one last time

A raft thrown ashore, the shore is in shambles and ramshackle fun sun Ray’s play in a way I could never see before

From a clear view which reveals nothing new no energy now flows all is time slices staggered & stunning The Master comes once a soul aeon

So no it doesn’t matter for you or anyone else if you see you must listen and watch all the movements and the words and the touches the people and the trees feeling dark crested murmuring seas drinking tea anew mornings rhythms

I said well what can it be….

Scuse me

The Wayness Displays

Realities, Real I Tries

Consensual — different

We call this— The Sameness

Oh, would you like me to — explain it…

Insane myths, a riff, a cliff —

Yas, come closee

Light, my spliffs

It’s not dif, its def

For sure, ya…

I didn’t know, so I left…

I confessed, as I dressed — sticky webs

Nagual man, sometimes with a tan…

Feet in sands, the edge of dawn lands

Starts again

You may call this —-

Never Never Land Zens

A wand, or the tip of a pen?

Non oh blends

Eyes to the wind

A wonder of thunders

In the end

Nothing does defend

Its alright outta sight

Excuse me please

Time now, to dip into

The night


Hail & Farewell

All, Is

good vibes

Stumbled Home


Doc do, nothing all the way

Through the zoo


Q ships slip

As hazy summers dreaming flip

Skipped, stumbled, mumbles




Some numbers, or dates

The Wiz ain’t never not


Fates kaleidoscope fakes

Nothing take nothing

Yet yuhz running awayz

What is

I phazed

The Craze

I got glazed



Yas, sauced, tossed


A simple

Glory Playz

Hailz & Farewellz

The Leap

Iz Chillz

It fills

Our souls

Opening holes

A gods eye view is…

Nothing knew

This is the grace

We all



Taken By The Horizon

when everything lives all is sacred

this does not mean anything though

do you see this, nor do I

Onetime, I saw nothing


Not this —time

As there is, no other

As Earth to mother

Lines to lover

Signs & Wonders

Stars, clouds thunder

Minds — torn asunder

Thorns, horns



towards the cascades

appearing suddenly, never seen before

Like rain coming home

A dream takes reality in ripples on a lake

So things are taken


sitting beneath a friendly tree

I try to look at what I see

is that me…

over there on the horizon, dying…

I see a bird flying

How It Comes

i remember clouded eyes slow strange motioning murmurs far away voices nothing was any longer understandable

i remember a turn and a smile it spoke saying look up friend and then I saw their eyes

their eyes were bright, and wise, kind, full of stars like new time —- this happens if you can notice

they will come to you

she said you will hear it

and one day, I did

it will not happen all at once though it may seem so

it happens in time

an episode maybe, or a jolt you spilled your tea a little with a sudden sag while laughing about a funny image

all those weird things made sense now mad truths bring incredible rays of enlightenment & then endless ordinary days

Time which we know nothing about, and so know nothing

what is this all, but —- giving & receiving

they care for us, for this

taking in the shade

seeing lights in the darkness

i could stay here a while…

it really doesn’t matter, Sunrise brings what’s new and that is fine by me

our existence is a pleasure