The Lady of The Lake

~The eyes came to life like a dream come true~

They looked at me so sweetly….

You are afraid

No…. no, I am

No longer afraid, of you

looks so clearly & calmly

No, you are afraid —- you will, hurt us

This…. is why you cry

softly pleading eyes

First you were told you would hear it….

And you did

So you saw

Now, you see

Now, is waiting….

For what?


Do not give into despair


Remember, remember

I do, I cannot forget —- now

No, you cannot —- but you can let it go


Look! it is bent, throw it into the water

splash, ripples


What do I do now?

Your hand is free, to make peace

How is it done?

I feel something touch my shoulder lightly, and then a hand grips me reassuringly….

Like this—-