Not So…. Fast


“He doesn’t, know…. where he is going, so he gets there quickly too late”

We call this —- The Hole


No… no

It’s not a bar, not by far

Far, far…. And Away

I don’t think anything

Not really….

I’m just watching and listening, trying to be

I do see the people, I know them

I know this….

So I don’t need to know anything else

It is already more than most

They are more fun than us, than me

Don’t be…. Fooled

Like in my dreams….

Always late, for school

Suh Such & Such



What can be done?


You can’t do anything, there is nothing to kill

In one sense, they are not even really here


They’ll just move it a little and you won’t even know what happened…..


Well….. that’s hard for us to say at this time, Sir….


All of our emissaries come back with glowing reports

What do they say?

No Sir…..

The reports are glowing. The emissaries drop them off, laugh, and walk away….

Yes… but what do they say?

No Sir!


Well…. what did he say?

Fugetta bout it….

(chin on hand)



Static: Rings & Waves



We had to close, the ride

Which one?

The tube…..

Which one?

The big one in the jungle


What happened?

He wanted to go on again right after

(laughter & static)


We think he wanted to show off —- for his wife….

Oh, herrrrr….

(clicks, whirs)

He would have come right back through (breaks)

Again (laughter)

Well…. Ya that’s why we closed it!

(slide whistle yodel)

I knowwwww….

Keep an eye out….

(hand out)

One & many!

(pointer finger out, distantly)

Hail & Farewell…

Special Forces: The Stir, Begins (draft)


Altercation, leads to an arrest.

And, a ride…..

To the station.

Grey wall vacations

Mind numb gestations

Long weekend synchronicity formulations

Well….. so

At the station, as the cuffs came off an elbow somehow slipped and hit the officer in the eye

No malice intended

But I was thrown to the floor…..

My head got a bump, a quite large purple yellow lump

Ba dump.

So we went to the hospital shortly after, and I was a little giddy and said thank you as I left

The bail appeal woman said she’d do her best and that I should be careful or I could die

And looked at me with those eyes.

I was kinda surprised…..

No Lie

I figured alright were even, he’s a man….



That’s not what happened…..

My lawyer was a somewhat heavy set but young and particularly cheery fellow

“Can I bring anything?”

Has anyone died in there before?”

“Do you think I’ll you know, I mean do you think I’ll…. Um”

(makes face)


“Is it—- bad?”

(hands up)



Truth Rhymes

“Well…. well, ain’t uya Huckleberry”

Time mind line fine nines kind kite fight clouds now go around the other side


Relax deconstruct uncontract get flat like you sat

On a hat….

Oh my, excuse me

Do you know what time it izzzz?

I can’t find my timepiece and things are falling down all around

But they never make a sound

Through the pounding on the walls

No…. No

Not at ‘tall


Your not short, just average….



No…. no


The lair mists

Caverns of Dis

Deep within, The Flame

Mystery Twists



Like this…..

The Little One Of Dune


The snake

In the ground, it comes around

Speaking in Vzzz…..


They control you, hold you, fold you

Told you……

Aren’t you bold —- you?


Who are you?

No one, is coming

To save you….

Say you?

I may lose my way

From time to time…..

But If I am honest

About it

I don’t know where

I am, going



My friend…..


For now

Elsewhere ATM: Just, Give That A Moment

There is that side; I don’t necessarily like it, but I don’t hate it, either….

What do you do it?

Seems like a weird question….

Yes — I think, so….

K, so….

I look at it.


What does it do?

It looks back….

Does anything happen?

It looks at you.

I mean anything, more?


On what?

What does everything depend on?



How so?

There is nothing —- else….



How does that help you?

Like nothing else can….

Souls ain’t cold u see, nowhere is warm

Where is it?

You can see it….


Not how…..




Wow, man

This isso —- familiar

Oh, really?

Howse did you doo’s thisss?


Can I take that for you…..

Hee See~Saw, You


Is it better to feared or loved, even for a ruler?

Yes, a ruler measures and divides, it is impossible to do it evenly, hence unevenness

Even for a ruler?

nothing is even for a ruler

How so?

It will, be….

What will?


You see…. This —-

is even, we also call it love, peace, or truth

Even freedom…..

Hee, Hee

It’s good to see you


Once~Again, my friends

What are you doing here ?



Can I join you?


We call this —-

Always, always

Simple Simon Diamonds

What do you have?


What is that?

The Truth.

It must be terrible….

No, no…. Not, at all.

How so?

It will, come to you.

What will?



Does not wish, to be had….


Do you?


So Be…..


12 Miles From Alba Longa


Why should I?

For the sake of morality?


We don’t need a bunch of vengeful “perfect” people who never do anything “wrong” Yuck!

Because I’ll get some reward?


We won’t even go there…… (been there already)

Because it’s the right thing to do? Well…. No

But ya, it is…..

Because it feels good? Almost, But…. No

Mmm, don’t it?

Is there a reason?

Not really…..

(prescient laughter)

Well, why then?

I won’t tell you why….

(purse lips)

What will you tell me?

They are one, of you……

Can you explain further?


What is there to say?

That’s what I thought….



J. Kennon

WiLfRed: It Will, Come To You


Nothing will come to you…..

How does nothing come to you?

Like nothing else….

How is it like nothing else?

It makes everything.

How does it make everything?

Nothing goes in, everything comes out.

How can I have everything?

Make space.

How can I make space?

Be open.

How can I be open?

Be honest.

How can I be honest?

Answer that question, and then ask no more…..



They are totally open….

Nothing is hidden

How so?

There is nothing to tell

They see….


How can one see all?


It is nothing….


To one

What many cannot see one will

What many see, is one

We are one & many

Hail & Farewell…..

Remember When…. (Draft 2)


music plays softly

Hey, do you remember when we first met….



I gave you that massa—

Wha!? quiet now

goes back to typing

Oh ya….

Remember —- I had some food in the oven when you arrived and… ya, you had gotten lost on the way so you were hungry from the trip. Yep.

Mhmm, I think so.

No, no… you did

Isn’t that kinda funny….



First time we meet I invite you over to my place and you eat something. Weren’t you a little… you know?

makes face

makes face back

Heh, I didn’t know anything, that girl….

Oh…. right

So whataya think, mmm… how was the food?

silence, typing stops

And then there was the other thing, how you got here —- heh heh heh….


she does something with her eyes

What is it, is it your contacts?



points lightly

You ok?


Flying 11


Power lies —- you need nothing.

This, is true power….

It’s not so much that you let go of rationality…..

You just let go of your rational mind

Then it may go anywhere, do anything

In a very rational way…

I know —- why

I think….


No reason

Why is there no reason?

I hadn’t thought of that, till now….


There is none


Exactly, that’s —- the point.

What can you say about it!

Why don’t you ask it?

It said nothing….

Did you listen?

I can’t really say

Hmm, impressive…..

So, what’s next?

I don’t know…..

What do you think?

I imagine myself

How do you imagine yourself?

It just happens

How did that happen?

The same way, I imagine….

Is there any other way?

The other way is still the way

Is it different in any way?

Nah, still the same way

I suppose….


Wait a minute…..


Are we dead?

What? Why would you say that….


No reason…..


Alright Then

Well ok, you’ve been patient….

I’ll answer a few questions

Oh, ok….


Well, go ahead….

Do we have a soul? and accordingly can we die as in no longer exist permanently.

There is only awareness, so we call it nothing as it is all there is and it is not anything but what we choose to call awareness which is not really anything at all but yet is all.

So we say, nothing is aware. As itself we’ve called this god —- nothing itself

Somehow this nothing moves (nothing cannot not move) even as it is still, nothing —- we call this consciousness, or moving stillness. This movement evolves, one way it can go is to spin. The spin, the particulars of that spin and the dimension it creates are our sense of individuality, our mind. Like a whirlpool in the ocean. Except these whirlpools that are created and we create, create & shape realities. You see the magic of it is that a hole forms at the center, that’s the mystery of you. There is a lot more to it but for the purposes of the question that is enough information.

What do you mean?

Well you asked about real death, so this spin can be interrupted, or frozen temporarily.

How so?

Well, just picture a bicycle wheel and someone puts a stick into it…. or just mashed there hands in there and mucked about.

It’s that simple?

No, that’s just one way to see it. An approximation, a translation. And it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, let’s just say that. And the hole…. and also it’s just a non field of…. —-/

Hang on….

See this is why, metaphysical stuff….


It just never ends…. ok?

It just doesn’t ever end, you see?

It’s absurd, really, all of it….

only nothing, makes sense

It begins and ends in absurdity….

Like a cat & mouse cartoon, it makes no sense….

Does it?

Ends, beginning, death, god, living, a soul, physicality, it’s all non sense you know….

But taken together, beautiful, why not?

It makes, no difference —-


So that could be a conceivable end?

I can’t say that I know it’s occurred….

Also, there is nothing to say, the impression could not be somewhere in god. As itself god is more than the sum. God is pure magic, it’s not that god can do anything, it’s more like anything is done, it’s beyond doing or not doing anything. Being or not being…. They come from—- no they do not come from, nothing comes from nothing….

The something is in the coming

It’s All, so…..

It seems to me to be


Do I need to worry about myself?

Do I need to worry about you, to love you?

No, that brings the darkness…..

And, we are light

Our shadow dwells within, warmed by us


I know how I feel….



So do, you….

I see


What should we do now?

I didn’t have anything planned

Let’s see what happens….

Lights Smoke

From the train tracks

Looking up a hill he can’t see over the top, there’s trees lining the edge

Do you want to go?

To town?

Looks uneasily

No fucking way

I don’t know what I would say

To them


Keep walking

Where do you want to go?

The Park?

What about the monkey tree….

Sure, we can have a look

Do you feel anything?

looks around & down

I don’t know

quiet laughter



lights, smoke

Well, let’s go….


Herbal Tea Now

Yes inside the black hole a repulsive force holds up physics, it’s true nothing is lost

(The same way, we bounce back from oblivion)


It is still — infinite

So, nothing escapes….

Like, this

Everything, in one place

All things contain each other

Simple, complex

What is that?


Nothing Is different?

Clearly not

Where is the heart in all this?

You must feel it….

And then be it

Sometimes they may say something and look at you….

Take a moment

We are not yes men

No…. no, my friends

I don’t think, so….


Well, ok then…..