The Seeding

I was informed of something wonderful….

The Angels

Are here


You will see them

One day

As they truly….


They are growing in number

Getting used to this world

But, they are here

Yes…. yes

They have come

The Kingdom

Breaks the horizon


Once & for All


Some of these things that happen, how can it be a just god…..

It is not a just god

What then?


How so?

As it can be

How can it be….

What do you think?

How do you want it to be….

Do you, want it to be?

It does not control, it blends

We bend….

Like us….

But blending

One sees one, once again

And so knows oneself

And many….

A horn of plenty

Is free, but must be shared in harmony

Or else….

What is to become

Of free

We all have seen

On The Way: Paths Of Light Home

I throw, the bones….


What do they tell you?

Everything, I need to know

I ask, no more

I only —- receive

A Believer

Knows nothing, does nothing

And so….. sees all, clearly

What does it look like?

Nothing. has changed

How has nothing changed?

I changed it

Into what?

Something, beautiful…

What is that?

This, here

What is here?

All of us….

We are waiting

For what?

You, to join us —- now


We are —- family

Can you not see this?

This, is our home

But —- The Time

Has come, to leave the nursery….

Mother, has done her job well….

Our father star calls us to him

To show us

Our new place, in the sky

With all our brothers and sisters….

Rise, now

Follow the light

What light?

The one in your heart, that shines in your eyes

It lay a path on the ground, for you to follow

You need follow no one, only this


Are all, around you

My friend

And never fear, or despair

You are family, after all

We will never….

Forget you

We are one, and many….

Hail & Farewell

The People

The Bright & Dark Dream Face I Saw

When I’m alone I go into the awesome, the grand show of dark & light

With people I am bright, welcoming, quiet, comforting, and accommodating

I am a natural actor, but I am not pretending… only acting as this, which is all true my brothers, I love it, and so all of you.

I have seen, and so do not fear my brother fellow man no matter what the master the master the master creates all reality realities I only crosses them my friends there is no such, such that there is I is

This is bliss but the kind which grows and turns and burns and recedes and bleeds and reforms and is torn and tossed and costs us

Keeping amulets so smooth rocks looking for the docks an empty place a fair face a spinning gaze no more craze I need to go I am

Lazeye faded….

Wish — This Is Granted

When it comes true — remember!

You are ok, things are getting better

You are not losing your mind, things are becoming clear — you are supported

We speak positively — you don’t need to be afraid

You are immortal — so are we, all

People think they want it, and then when it starts — I’m losing my mind!

Oh no!

Oh…. yes


No, you are seeing the connections now, this is all. Accept it, listen, watch…

Shit, have fun with it. It’s a mystery, an adventure — that’s how I see it

Sometimes, people may try to dissuade you, influence you. Say nothing, and stand your ground. You see them for what they are, or are not.

Laugh, warrior— now, go on your way…

You are not hearing things, that was before. Now you hear, your own voice. Don’t worry it will blend with you before long, but first — you must listen, and then accept it for what it really is, not what your fear tells you, but your hope & faith & love wish it to be… This is how you get through your world changing— for the better. Unsurprisingly, for the worse you don’t even notice anymore.

In the end, I asked — to be saved.

I was, and then I was released.


Now, I am.

This is one view of — The Leap

I remember…

I was only —

A shell

All my glow, had diminished so — I thought, it left me

But it had not, only dimmed…

So I became — bright

Once more….

It was not an easy process, especially in the start. Still it goes on, though much has changed…

I will tell you everything my friends…

In good time….

They spoke reassuringly, in a way I could understand…


“Bro, your fucking doing it! Holy shit, just hang on buddy were helping you, hang on motherfucker!”

“Just lay back! Your going to be ok, don’t be afraid, we know it hurts— but you are doing fucking spectacular this time. Nobody has done it like this before man, everybody here is shitting!”


“We’re going to have a party like you can’t fucking imagine when you get back dude. We’re gonna shake all the fucking worlds, everything is waiting!

There’s more, much more of that — but you get idea…


No, it was not what I would have expected, none of it was. It was not only my dream come true — but the dream of all mankind


Once, again


Becoming Mist

Pitchers pour

Taken, from fountains

Atop, The magic mountain

Down pouring it flows

How quickly, things…

Slow, go

Oh… no

Whoa, so

No… no, I don’t know

Please, this one







A mist


I feel….


Crossing The Line And Gone So

You know it’s not true, rather

It is… it really doesn’t matter how — you get nothing, only…

If you can, touch it just let it go and fall burning to the ground

dug up from mad gone phones the cabinets all open and closed the windows froze radiators breathe wires seethe falling rot teeth thieves of the inner sleeves

Leaping alone no inside no I didn’t know I didn’t imagine anything could be as it is so this is real what I did I find proof in the changing booths jumping off roofs onto pools of new rules

no explanations is how we do it those are only for you and me snakes walk backward flashing the hive zones though, interrupt me back to this I can’t make it… home

what a, sorrow no tomorrows gone fallow

After you, nothing— really matter anymore

But all of you— don’t tell… don’t sell, it’s a well swirling is all it does it’s all swell it needs to like all of us so we call it just such

A suchness has no goal posts no failures only The Master sends all reality so we slide in circles around and approach a formless kind in unforeseeable awe and oh my god it’s all true my…. my. Mercy please — yes… they send it

in beams it seems

Let me go to it for all one last time

A raft thrown ashore, the shore is in shambles and ramshackle fun sun Ray’s play in a way I could never see before

From a clear view which reveals nothing new no energy now flows all is time slices staggered & stunning The Master comes once a soul aeon

So no it doesn’t matter for you or anyone else if you see you must listen and watch all the movements and the words and the touches the people and the trees feeling dark crested murmuring seas drinking tea anew mornings rhythms

I said well what can it be….

Scuse me

Jesus Needs A New Pair of Shoes

Listen, I’m not a bad guy…

How could I have known?

Um, your Jesus?

Ya but… hang on I got a call—

puts down cigarette

Ye? Oh, hey dad…

mhmm, yep…

right, well… no, no I wouldn’t say that. Bu– ok, ok hang on a sec let me jus—

Hey-a just give me a min, ok?

proceeds into a shadowy corner

-to be continued-

~maybe not for a while~

Good night folks

The Uncreated (draft)

The uncreated, take any form

How is one uncreated?

One is formless, shapeless, nameless

Yet still —- we are

How so?

God wished for us

It gave us everything, all of itself

All power

Until, nothing was left

Of it….

In doing so, it gave us

The Sun… the son

Now, we

All see

The gift

We see

The Empty Throne

We only try to follow its example

Perhaps someday, some unimaginable day

So when you ask me, how is one uncreated…

It is all —- around you

Waiting, for you

To see

Its gift

What have you done with it?

With all my heart

I wish

To return (it)

Thank you

My friend