Peaceful Warrior, Take A Stance (draft 1, Part 1)

So what was it like?

Well, it was a lot to take in.




Ever seen two galaxies collide?

Well… ya, on tv.


Close enough — well, it was like that.

How did it feel?

The actual moment, the best way I can describe it is mind nausea.

Followed by speed & clarity.

At this point it becomes vital to act in a way — some have called impeccable.

What do you call it?

Then I called it nothing because that was what I knew, poor thing that I was.

And now?

I call it being human?

Is that like a human being?

head dances a bit with pursed lips to generate an answer

Eh, sorta… but I don’t do definitions, you’ll have to see this for yourself, or maybe others…


Dance! You won’t see it, though….