The Seeding

I was informed of something wonderful….

The Angels

Are here


You will see them

One day

As they truly….


They are growing in number

Getting used to this world

But, they are here

Yes…. yes

They have come

The Kingdom

Breaks the horizon


Once & for All

Suffering Succotash


“The Justice Of God Is Love”

Without forgiveness, there is no progress

Only annihilation…..

However you find your love, it does not matter….

It is different for everyone.

Only god knows…..

But when they come to you, truth in their eyes….

Do not turn away…..

Or surely…..

That old ghost, has a found a new home.

Stop it.

Now, we go…..


The future, my friend.

My friend, the future is —- now.

What is there?

All of us.

What is it like?

Being, born again…..

How so?

Remember…. remember

Why can’t you tell me, is it beyond words?

No, it is beyond me…..

But here is the beauty, you don’t need to know what it is like, you will see it —- yourself…..

Will I really?

Yes, how can we leave anyone behind…..

Everyone of you, is family.

You thought you were alone, but you never were. We just lost touch for a while.

The doorbell is jingling, your phone is blowing up…..

And your hiding in your room.

So we are subtle, in hopes that those more amenable can answer the door and help you find your way out.

Ok, see? No big monster, no avenging god…..

It’s only the neighbor, come to check on you cause he saw your mail was overflowing and got concerned…..

Everything ok, neighbor?

Oh ah, ya….. I am, ok now.

Nothing really, just a weird dream.

I think.

But you may notice, we are becoming less subtle….

Nice work, people

At This Moment

sorry…… sir

Ah, can I check

The balance

No, I’m sorry sir —- not here



Over there….



Clears throat

In the corner….

Shadows & Light

The ATM, sir

The ATM?

Yes, sir….

You may use it at your leisure

As it may please you, or disease you

Leave you, feed you

Free you

Nothing Commands, Us

We do not command

We persuade, entice, care for….


Who wants to be commanded?

But, listen….

The point, is

We do not command

We don’t have to

We take care of each other….


Nothing commands

And so….

It Is

If you cannot do this, that is fine….

We have all the time in the world….

We await you

My friend

No Time Between Us

People often think….

It is hardest

To be honest, with others

No… no

How can it be hard to be, honest with —- oneself?

It is not.

Why then?

You have become two.

Egos lies cloud the mind —- the hearts gentle voice cannot be heard.

Remember, you are one & many

If you are honest with yourself, you need not consider being honest with others….

One who knows thyself, knows the other….

And then….

There is no lie

So, nothing is between us

We call this….



Till when?

I cannot say, but I will say….

It is our

Time, now

The Bent Scepter

I couldn’t remember how I got there, or where there was I didn’t think anything even that I was, but I was seeing

The Perceptor

waves mirror

I won’t tell you what I saw, but I watched a scene unfold people where in it


we sought, for decisions

rhythms of living

what have you been giving

give what you can

nothing is free

so we came, to be

nothing is clear

so you can see

floating — on the sea

now, where are were we

Apart, coming together

Forever, never

The weather

This, is how we live

All, others


The pasts, the futures

Unproven, yet soothing

Thank them

Then let them go home

To us, all

In truth

This, Is

The Gift Of Life