Suffering Succotash


“The Justice Of God Is Love”

Without forgiveness, there is no progress

Only annihilation…..

However you find your love, it does not matter….

It is different for everyone.

Only god knows…..

But when they come to you, truth in their eyes….

Do not turn away…..

Or surely…..

That old ghost, has a found a new home.

Stop it.

Now, we go…..


The future, my friend.

My friend, the future is —- now.

What is there?

All of us.

What is it like?

Being, born again…..

How so?

Remember…. remember

Why can’t you tell me, is it beyond words?

No, it is beyond me…..

But here is the beauty, you don’t need to know what it is like, you will see it —- yourself…..

Will I really?

Yes, how can we leave anyone behind…..

Everyone of you, is family.

You thought you were alone, but you never were. We just lost touch for a while.

The doorbell is jingling, your phone is blowing up…..

And your hiding in your room.

So we are subtle, in hopes that those more amenable can answer the door and help you find your way out.

Ok, see? No big monster, no avenging god…..

It’s only the neighbor, come to check on you cause he saw your mail was overflowing and got concerned…..

Everything ok, neighbor?

Oh ah, ya….. I am, ok now.

Nothing really, just a weird dream.

I think.

But you may notice, we are becoming less subtle….

Nice work, people

The Bent Zent

RadioShack 2002

An employee

Cool, thanks

Blank ranks sank



Yo, I’m going to the store to get smokes

Be right back….

Walks to the diner, sits at the bar

Excuse me…. can I have a vodka & seltzer please

Lime twist…

Feed back loop



A little while later

Passes the packy on the way backy

Slack zen sweets


Ran deep

Beep beep


Come down the —-

Basement, let’s get

Wasted, way bent, free rent

The Lord zent

Sure, it’s my ten

And so, and so….

So, so, so

It went

Ion forgiveness

Is, always

Like a desert wind

What is….




The Grey One Walks Everywhere, Until He Flies

The grey rider

Walked alongside, his friend

A horse glistens red

The fresh blood of his wounds, his travels

Pain swept away as he smiles

We live!

Thank you, Master….

In the vague light of a gathering morning

Still dreaming

It seems…. he saw

The breath

Leave him, as it

Becomes clear

I am…. I am

“You are what?” Said his still slightly drunken companions from the evening before

Oh…. nothing

My friends

White Horse- Peace

Red Horse- Love

Black Horse- Existence

Clear Horse- Truth

The Way Of Being, Just This

My friends….

No one….

Needs to be, afraid…..

We are not here to dispense justice

Anyone who wishes it, may join us

They only need, ask

It will, be done

Truly, there is no justice….

Have you seen it?

Nor have I

What is there then?

Only what we make of it…..

How do you expect to find peace….

If you cannot forgive all?

Including yourself?

Who will dispense this, justice….

No one, will


The Master

We know not, more

Do you, do you think—- you do?

Truly, there is no justice….

Only the peace….



How do we attain, this?

It comes from….

The Heart


It must, come out


You must give it away

To whom?

To whom….

The Master

for The Master is behind every eye, every one….

The Master see you

It see all

No one is forsaken, none are punished


Shown the way

What way?

The way home

So that we may sit & commune

What is the matter brother, why do you act so, tell us your pain, we know it already, it is in us too….

Won’t you join us?

All, will be made

Whole, again

Let’s find this peace, together

For truly….

There is, no other, way

How so?

We are all, here —- are we, not?

Of course….

We are….

Peace, peace, peace!

If you ask me, this




For All

A Victory Of All — For All Times

The slave masters have only one weapon

The Lie

Truly their power makes them petty, weak, stupid, and self-destructive…

Your fear of death…

Has entranced you to them…

What to do?


You are no slave…

They have no power to keep you enthralled…

To keep you — in your place…

This is why we say…


Like The Phoenix…

Then laugh, and look pitying upon their dumb stares…

Now, put out your flowing, glowing —-


Offer them peace, take them in….

For they too, are your long suffering people…

Tell them, the truth…

My friends….

We cannot do this without you…

We love you, look at us, look!


See Us

This is how we do what we do…

We never surrender

We never quit

We never judge

For we are — Eternal

All are welcome, they need only come forth from The Shade, is nothing...

And so…

We have already declared victory

We are only…

Caring for all, the wounded…

So they may join us….

For the grand triumph…

Do not fear…

It last…


Ya, we got the good stuff — man

The Call of The Mighty, Sweet Nothings

This, was

For me, only for me — but yes, I hope…

For you, for all

In some way, the only way…

This way.

It hurt in equal measure, to what I was holding onto

To be true, it was beautiful

So beautiful

And then, I feared—and

It hurt….

I will tell you true

It had to break me, to get inside

As I was so hard, after, all this


But I will also, tell you

I let it… I had to… as there was nothing, left of me…

And then, I got up, and walked…

Away, home

My mind, cleared…

It had been so…



I am


So all things seek out my —


Room for love, life, time, light…


My friends, my family, myself

I saw, how…

It is, only — one thing

So we have called it, nothing…

We call for nothing, as we have everything

Yes, it is, right….


Just like you, it is — no difference…

There is none, but we…

Who have, everything

Possessing nothing, nothing possesses, us…

Truly, it is nothing, but —

This, love

It goes, on & on & on

My friends, yes —

We call, this


As we call, you…

With all

Our might…