Is not slavery.

It is —- Silence


It is —- laying down

Before your love….

Only to rise

In Victory & Death

Over All

From Now

I will only say this….

Be very careful

Of what you sign

Your name to


The Devil, so to speak

Needs your name, in writing….

And he will get it

Anyway he can

Take Care

The Activation: Bro’s, Vulgarity, Love & The Master (excerpt)

You are ok, things are getting better — you are not losing your mind, things are becoming clear — you are supported, we speak positively — you don’t need to be afraid, you are immortal

I remember…

I was only —

A shell

All my glow, had diminished so — I thought, it left me

But it had not, only dimmed…

So I became — bright

Once more….

It was not an easy process, especially in the start. Still it goes on, though much has changed…

I will tell you everything my friends…

In good time….

They spoke reassuringly, in a way I could understand…


“Bro, your fucking doing it! Holy shit, just hang on buddy were helping you, hang on motherfucker!”

“Just lay back! Your going to be ok, bro don’t be afraid we know it hurts— but you are doing fucking spectacular this time. Nobody has done it like this before man, everybody here is shitting!”


“We’re going to have a party like you can’t fucking imagine when you get back Yo! We’re gonna shake all the fucking worlds like what??!!!!”

There’s more, much more of that — but you get idea…


No, it was not what I would have expected, had I been fool enough to expect such a thing…

Come to think of it….


Just a little something to set The Mood