4 Heart

Don’t mistake the circles in your mind for something bad….

They are the rings, the whirlwind

The grooves are engraven

Move with the motion, lean into it, hold in the center feel the pull fell

Through, flying whippoorwill chutes


They were —-

So beautiful, entrancing….

As heaven advancing


I want to hear you tell me what they say

Just for once….

Ascension is a coming together

Us & them

Then the way is clear

Nothing stands in it

So we see


To ourselves, all of us

And so, you

So there is no conflict to be resolved

We all, understand each other

Finally again

There is

Nothing… to do, but enjoy this

As it is….


The shimmer begins, to appear like magic ice castles in Nacre clouds of refreshing

looks out the windows

10 Suns

Wait 4 It

Not So…. Fast


“He doesn’t, know…. where he is going, so he gets there quickly too late”

We call this —- The Hole


No… no

It’s not a bar, not by far

Far, far…. And Away

I don’t think anything

Not really….

I’m just watching and listening, trying to be

I do see the people, I know them

I know this….

So I don’t need to know anything else

It is already more than most

They are more fun than us, than me

Don’t be…. Fooled

Like in my dreams….

Always late, for school

The Guardians: All Things




We sang of earth woman lost

To the green dragon of the west

We fell, as everything does

Through abyssal time

The clear darkness unbounded

Everything collapses ~ Nothing is stable

Breaking my dreams, untold

I saw my love at the end….


The East

Yellow dawn


Once, again

Raining piano rays

Play, play, play

The dead all say

Hooray, Hooray!

Charlie Browns Class Act

No, I cannot answer that…


It is an unreality

(I will, not —- hurt, reality)

What is that?

Something born of

The Lie

What is the lie?


I thought this was nothing?

No. Nothing is

What do you mean?

Why do you ask?

I don’t know


What is there to know?


Then what is the lie?

Something —- we made


(Throws up his hands)

Like this….


On The Way: Paths Of Light Home

I throw, the bones….


What do they tell you?

Everything, I need to know

I ask, no more

I only —- receive

A Believer

Knows nothing, does nothing

And so….. sees all, clearly

What does it look like?

Nothing. has changed

How has nothing changed?

I changed it

Into what?

Something, beautiful…

What is that?

This, here

What is here?

All of us….

We are waiting

For what?

You, to join us —- now


We are —- family

Can you not see this?

This, is our home

But —- The Time

Has come, to leave the nursery….

Mother, has done her job well….

Our father star calls us to him

To show us

Our new place, in the sky

With all our brothers and sisters….

Rise, now

Follow the light

What light?

The one in your heart, that shines in your eyes

It lay a path on the ground, for you to follow

You need follow no one, only this


Are all, around you

My friend

And never fear, or despair

You are family, after all

We will never….

Forget you

We are one, and many….

Hail & Farewell

The People

Z Deli: Head Zing Home

No lesson is absolute

Only what it cannot tell us


Which is?

What cannot be imagined?


How can nothing not be imagined?

Nothing can be imagined….


Where does that leave us?

Beyond imagination….

What is imagination?


How so?

It’s all you do. Isn’t it?

I don’t know….

grunts positively

I’ll see you later, let’s pick this up another time —- shall we?

Oh? Where are you going….

Oh, nowhere —- just home

K, see you later…..

Dis Aye Sid L

Do you really want to craft a solution….

What solution, we are in

What a solution we are in

If you could you would do so we did pop the lid all star medicine falls from the walls looming vaults of the abyss of the glisten star mind mists


did fits The shade sneak up giving hints like hisses then kisses wake up quick speaking wishes I want the light phones ring do the dishes….

All living all giving all receiving not deceiving no ones leaving the walls are heaving not halfing nor halting nor exalting or faulting honest raiments yellow dot line follow attainments

Four Sticks: The Dark & Light One Awakens

My friends,

The Portal is open…

The storm came today, it brought with it the wind & rain

Now, it clears….

Yesterday came The Apple

He ate it

So I know now

The Dark & Light One has returned from Hel

Obscured in shadow, half his face golden

He now shines

He has his feather

He brought back with him

Four Sticks

For, The Well….

The Well

Is, here

I have seen

It is on a fair road

Off the Old 6

The Tooth, the inner of inner


Is Now….

Shall be….



Only nothing can stop us, now





Thank You


The Forces Of Fool Vs The Ego Kings

They will not be what you think….

At all

The forces of ego want you to think….

They will be, must be


What is that anyway?

Only, this….

They will not be, they never have been, and have no wish to be….

It, already


Do you see?

If they help you, if you start to feel better….

Focus —- on this

Do you see?

You know, it

To be, true….


It is

Good news, for you….


Is it….


Ya baby, pass the….



Sure, man…

No worries

I gotz lotz

And no, they are not all like…

I am

Don’t worry….


The Point Of Nothing, Is This

There is only one….

Black Hole


They are infinite….

So you tell me….

How can there be more than one, of an infinity….

In fact, it is none —- or one alone….

But as you can see, it is —not alone….

Why do we miss this?

We do not, we see it very clearly —- and yet we ignore it….



Because we cannot calculate it, we think —- we can do nothing with it….

In fact, that is correct….


Once, again

We miss…

The Point

And so ——the human heart is full of longing, it cannot understand….

What is missing

Of course

Nothing is….

Peaceful Warrior, Take A Stance (draft 1, Part 1)

So what was it like?

Well, it was a lot to take in.




Ever seen two galaxies collide?

Well… ya, on tv.


Close enough — well, it was like that.

How did it feel?

The actual moment, the best way I can describe it is mind nausea.

Followed by speed & clarity.

At this point it becomes vital to act in a way — some have called impeccable.

What do you call it?

Then I called it nothing because that was what I knew, poor thing that I was.

And now?

I call it being human?

Is that like a human being?

head dances a bit with pursed lips to generate an answer

Eh, sorta… but I don’t do definitions, you’ll have to see this for yourself, or maybe others…


Dance! You won’t see it, though….

The Lands: A Wish Puff Worm

A strange island appears out of the mists…

There is music, from everywhere playing


falling ~ colours

a boy, awakens…

a small sweet voice

“Oh… hello, what are you?”

deep, resonate, rumbling, gentle, wise

“Helloooo, and just how did you find your way here, little man?”

small soothing thunder

“Whelp, I dunno I just woke up!”

cloudy puffs from his smooth silver nostrils smell like warm cinnamon cider

“Well! I can see that”


“Wanna play?”

The Dragon raises his head

“Of course! but only for a little while, we wouldn’t want your family to miss you or worry, very much…”

puts one little hand out a little

“Can we go in those woods!”

dragon chuckles

“Well… not yet little one — for now why don’t you climb on my wing here and grasp my neck. Don’t worry about falling, my scales are easy to grip and I fly well!”

eyes wide

“No way! Cooooool”


“Yes way!”

lowers wing

Hop on, new friend!”

both laugh heartily & come together

“So… where would you like to go?”

that quizzical kid look

“Let’s just fly around here! This place is fantastic, I wanna see from high up!”

The Dragon looks very satisfied as he begins a slow massive ascent in graceful spiral ribbons

“Your wish, is my command”



-till, nextime-

At The Other Side Cafe (it’s gone, now)


What is the other side like?

The other side!

wide eyes


Ah, just kidding….


Umm, it’s a lot like this….

How so?

Well, ah… it’s a mirror

What do you mean?

idk —- why don’t you go look in a mirror and see if you can figure it out….

Anything else?

Yep, there is….

A lot of it….


Bah, nothing

Well… thanks a lot!

Sure, my pleasure

see you….


waves back

No One, Is…. (draft)

Here is something you should know about them….

They will not, read your mind

So to speak

Whether or not they could, it is considered a violation….

So if you become noticed, you will notice

They will, ask you things….

Don’t say what you think your culture would approve of, or your priest, your party, your guru, or even your favorite writer….

Or say any of these things

Just —- tell the truth, your truth….

Everything, starts there, everything….

Remember this —- you do encounter them, even before you can see it, so do not wait to start

They can work with nothing less. Even if your heart is hard, and your truth is distorted, angry, & hurt—- It is a beginning, to acknowledge this.

Because most of all, most of all, the truth of the human heart is longing, if you have nothing else to say, or you become afraid —-

Show them this….

But we always consider others, if telling your truth would cause harm or suffering, be silent. Or if possible you may answer in a way that conveys truth while concealing it to those who would misuse it, this is craft. They will understand this, this is also truth —- perhaps the truest of all….

Never put yourself above another, you are not….

No one, is….

The first task of any mage, is to be able to discern the truth within ourselves; without it, we are truly lost….

So you see, they want to help you

They want to widen your perception

They want you to find that peace & joy & wonder for life inside we all remember

They want you to see —- you truly exist, always

But we have to work with them

They can do many things for you, for us

They show us the way…..

Of truth & love & peoplehood

To be brave —- is only to be honest

To be merry —- is only to have a clear conscience

To be selfless —- is only to have seen the truth, and so see you lose nothing in so doing, and yet gain the love of all….

Like I’ve said before they don’t test us, but they do check, yes they do….



We’ll talk about that later…..

This Here Magic Is

Look… here

Where you are, real e

There are no magic formulas…

They are attainments…

And in themselves they mean nothing….

It just more illusion…

How is attainment attained…

One way — truth.

And all, follows it…

Existence— is no lie…

Do you see?

You harm reality when you lie…

This is why you see madness — spreading…

There is no other reason…

So, what do you care about magic?

You can’t even handle the mundane….


Come back when you get…



We will show you something beyond your wildest fantasies….



I Am As We Are

No… no

It is not wisdom

Or power

Nor desire, study, discipline

Though, you may put your heart into these things, and that is good.

Remember, why you do it —- for whom

Even how, it is, possible….

As, truly

It is…

Only one thing

of The Heart

And yes,

It is… All

We care for

Resting On The Darkness


Is it always, darkest

Before —- The Dawn….

The Dawn was born, from the infinite loneliness of eternity

Like how love arose from nothing….

Like how god uncreated itself, for us….

No, it is not darkness

It is clear

The dawn rests upon it, and

Wishes, to return


As do

All, of us

By the light of this….


Loch Mists

I am not, trying

To figure things out

That is only a quest, for power…

There is only one power, now

The power of delusion

All else is free…

So I sit, and smoke

And let things come to me….

Even as others leave me….

Like a tree, I suppose….

Why smoke?

The smoking mirror

Show us, how

Nothing is clear