The Wonderful & Mysterious Show

Love the illusion

As you do

The real thing

And you will see

there is no difference

Between things

We all, touch

Does this make us, one?

Nothing made us

How did nothing make us?

One, at a time

Which time?

Which other, our own

Do you own it?

No, I have no time

Time for what?

I have no time for that

What do you have time for?

I am talking to you….

Aren’t I?

Are you asking me?

Who else?

I don’t know if you are I, but I suppose I can say you are you….

You are you, is that saying anything?

It must be….


You said it

Did I?


You did



Now, let’s go to the show


Riddles In The Dark

Who is their mother?

The Huntress, she protects the hidden ways

Where do they meet?

In a glen, behind The Fair

By the old well…..

On the lands of Sugaar

Where did they come from?

Born on the Planes of White Light

They lived amongst The Shrubs & The Oak for a time, then ascended the Magic Mountain

And down again the other side, finally to The Lands of Sugaar

Some call it —- The Sticks

Where I cast, down…. all my lix

Come, now….

Servants of god, hear The Masters call



The Fall…..

A Victory Of All — For All Times

The slave masters have only one weapon

The Lie

Truly their power makes them petty, weak, stupid, and self-destructive…

Your fear of death…

Has entranced you to them…

What to do?


You are no slave…

They have no power to keep you enthralled…

To keep you — in your place…

This is why we say…


Like The Phoenix…

Then laugh, and look pitying upon their dumb stares…

Now, put out your flowing, glowing —-


Offer them peace, take them in….

For they too, are your long suffering people…

Tell them, the truth…

My friends….

We cannot do this without you…

We love you, look at us, look!


See Us

This is how we do what we do…

We never surrender

We never quit

We never judge

For we are — Eternal

All are welcome, they need only come forth from The Shade, is nothing...

And so…

We have already declared victory

We are only…

Caring for all, the wounded…

So they may join us….

For the grand triumph…

Do not fear…

It last…


Ya, we got the good stuff — man

No Displays Of What Always Is

What can you shut down…


The way is shut

shut to what…


Is not what

It is

Only… you

Of course, the views

when everything soothes smoothes


On the curves swerves no nerves unheard unheeded bleeds holes souls blinking phones glowing tomes

A tone, in the house seeks abouts through the snaking patient no sweet nothings can explain it

Whispers — light!

Displays it…