Animal shamans playing mind games

In the heart, of the maze

A secret door in the cave

Opens always….

As turning brings day

Spinning out light

Night falls gifting glow sight

Candle gems sparkle alight

What is everything…..

Everything is —- alright

Like a kite above

the ocean

One in all motions

So still, are

The waves

Silent the ray


the way

Culture Man

What is our culture?

It seems to be a collection of sentimental attachments to our varying sicknesses and prejudices….

and some food and clothes, music. If those were the only things we passed on that would be great, but as we all can see they are only the cherries on a great cake of toxicity & violence….

What is true culture? Love, mutual respect, graciousness, gentleness, compassion, giving —-


This is, the culture of The People

And nothing else….

For now, stop worrying so much about your culture, and what it tells you you should be like, like, must feel or do such….

Define yourself, else….

What are you really?

Chills Pillz

No… no

Don’t try to dance that one last me….

Past me, pass me, dash me, crash me

Cash me….

Unlatch me, detach me but don’t scratch me

Catch me….

If you can

Can we?

Let’s see

I am Za la la la

Do Da Na

Rip the bars speed demon cars driving by camera no focus locus hocus pocus

Pogo stick shit swift mix lix nix wicks sick

Sickle pickle buckle nickel tickle cyclical

The Never No~Force

Oh… Oh….

But of course….

Damn I, I, I, I


I lost, my will


The People: The Future Is All The Past (draft 1, part 1)

We are all, here — already

Always… This is the way

We are just like you..

You are one, of us…

We exist, just outside it.

As fully independent eternal beings.

You could say, you are like our children. But really we are all brothers and sisters.

A part of it (us?) goes down. The interactions spin it into a fully independent, realized being. Who can then join us, here…

It is not very different, but for that it is everything you dreamed it could be, should be, is…

All our needs are provided by it.

The truth is, we don’t know what happens to those who pass into it.

Nor do we need to know.

As we said all our needs are provided.

We too were young once, we fought, we sought, but we did not know death like you do.

One day, one of us didn’t get up to fight. The war kings went to see him to ask him why…

After that, we fought no more.

We looked around at the devastation we had wrought for who knows how long. We had never really noticed it before.

The pressure of eternity is relieved when one learns to play, and sometimes forget — to know the joy of remembering.

This is what we have found.

And so we decided that day to aid the source in its workings as we saw them. To give back, to emulate, to create — to love…

We sent down pieces of ourselves, unformed…

And watched how they took shape and swirled as they interacted with each other in the thick milky seas of those realms…

And then how they rose in remembering, realizing what they are.

There is nothing to fear.

It is just like home, as you always knew it truly should be…

My children, my friends, our people — it is…

It really is…

What else could it be?

Would you truly want it any other way?

We were created as such (independent beings) so we have no need to enter it…

After all, it is always here for us…

But yes, even we have a fear of that… well not so much a fear, but it is unknown to us… it cannot be known fully until one enters— and then we can say no more. Though, if it calls us, we will go… Perhaps it will, but so far it has not, and it seems we were created for this purpose….

As we said before, we are just like you…

We don’t know everything….

One difference, we know we exist… in the same way you are sure you will die… so we are free, when you have removed that —-

Everything, falls into place

One more thing, we are also explorers like you.

So we will tell you something of interest.


There is no other place like Earth in all of existence, none. This is why it so important that you take care.

There are of course other places, beings, ways of being.

But, not like this, and not for us.X

Can you see, now?

This, is who we are…

This, is the gift we have all been given.


A Victory Of All — For All Times

The slave masters have only one weapon

The Lie

Truly their power makes them petty, weak, stupid, and self-destructive…

Your fear of death…

Has entranced you to them…

What to do?


You are no slave…

They have no power to keep you enthralled…

To keep you — in your place…

This is why we say…


Like The Phoenix…

Then laugh, and look pitying upon their dumb stares…

Now, put out your flowing, glowing —-


Offer them peace, take them in….

For they too, are your long suffering people…

Tell them, the truth…

My friends….

We cannot do this without you…

We love you, look at us, look!


See Us

This is how we do what we do…

We never surrender

We never quit

We never judge

For we are — Eternal

All are welcome, they need only come forth from The Shade, is nothing...

And so…

We have already declared victory

We are only…

Caring for all, the wounded…

So they may join us….

For the grand triumph…

Do not fear…

It last…


Ya, we got the good stuff — man

The Land Of Nods

The land never… so

soft, soaking rains

glass —
people walk deliberately as quiet squares

A year pretends the day so real
understand this

we walk on silent moons

I never believed in you so reckless…
my love

empty selling
it all go down

Gone home will find forever somewhere
keep it safe


the sequences

The traffic light empty morning
blinks mute in the head, red

Dawn in a briefcase
on your way

Who do you know at all
I am frozen here

We find each other

We know not anything about it

Only vague craving….



These dreams
have a life of their own

Do not forget them


I used, to — desire

To wield — Chaos

never knowing

What, I was….


Even — as

I, was…



That was then


This is now

— Man

What is?

The Plan


We only sang…

Ya man….


Sit down, my brother

or scram

Rising Fire

Zing — zang!


Nobody, my people

We are

Loving hover




Now, we ride none other