What is a


One who sees truth without compassion

It’s really just a lie

They made up

Like all the others





They do not believe

They devour the weak

As a sacrifice to their fear ghosts

And vanity

Never mind

They are nothing

Just phantoms of the fog


How nothing….

Happens to them

All is us All

We welcome


One & many

Hail Farewell





Is not slavery.

It is —- Silence


It is —- laying down

Before your love….

Only to rise

In Victory & Death

Over All

From Now

I will only say this….

Be very careful

Of what you sign

Your name to


The Devil, so to speak

Needs your name, in writing….

And he will get it

Anyway he can

Take Care


The Hand

It’s ok….

I can see, you are sad

Let it out

Don’t be ashamed, it is in all of us

It’s ok

It can even feel good…..

All of the emotions can feel good

They are…. A Gift

They are all the same thing, they come from the same place —-



What about the negative emotions?

Those are not emotions, those are reactions

How can I manage this?

You cannot, this is why we say do not try

Let it be

Should I never do anything?

I did not say that….

Well, what did you say?

I don’t really know….

How can you not know what you said?

Because, I don’t understand it

I feel it

How does it feel?

(hand on heart)



Umbrella Chats (drafts)

Find them?


No, no….

That’s not how we do it

And anyway, what could I say?


How do you do it?

I don’t know…..

And, neither will you



What, you don’t remember?

Oh…. I know what your trying to do…..

I’m not doing nothing, man —-

What is it we are doing?

You could say that, but I’ll tell you this….


No…. no


Who is that laughing, it’s getting rather annoying….

Oh nobody, pay them no mind….

Well anyway I’ve reached out, of course…..


We stay in touch, but it’s almost the holiday

Such a busy time of year, you know

Do you worry?

I have, but I remember what they told me you see —- what they’ve done for me….

To me, now what would I be if I were to pretend —- I don’t remember?


Heh, nothing….

And I wonder, how can I doubt them…..

There is nothing more to find out….

Peace of mind is here, now

To bear eternity only one thing is required

The ability to bear oneself

To see your reflection in the void



Smiling, crying, recognizing

Seeing —- oneself

For once


So, we may be together again

In harmony, even as we struggle

These are the qualities of one & many…..

All comes to us, as we go to nothing

You may call them dreams

What we call real are only their memories

I don’t need to know anything….

Why do I need to know…..

What difference, will it make…..

I don’t need to see anymore

I’ve seen how nothing is clear

And it is beautiful

But what of the horror…..

Nothing is what it seems

Is this comfort?

lowers umbrella

My friend….

It seems to have stopped

Smoke & Seers

No… no

I don’t care about any of your, barriers

They are not, what they seem

Nothing…. is

What it seems like, it —- Is

How is it….

Very well, I will

Show you


What, do you think…

You —- asked?

I, I don’t know

How can I show you—- then?

What now…..

Let’s see


Culture Man

What is our culture?

It seems to be a collection of sentimental attachments to our varying sicknesses and prejudices….

and some food and clothes, music. If those were the only things we passed on that would be great, but as we all can see they are only the cherries on a great cake of toxicity & violence….

What is true culture? Love, mutual respect, graciousness, gentleness, compassion, giving —-


This is, the culture of The People

And nothing else….

For now, stop worrying so much about your culture, and what it tells you you should be like, like, must feel or do such….

Define yourself, else….

What are you really?

The Palo Wars: Four Sticks


Captain, captain

The war is over, where do we go from here…..

Points —-

Forward, in waves

To what end?

The end of the line

We would follow you anywhere sir, though we are only four now….

Things are different now friend, none shall follow me

As we head home….

Picking up the sticks along the way that cross our path

Each of you pick a direction if you will then follow it till you come to a well; cast down your sticks and walk away home….


You will see, my friends….

We won’t leave you….

But you must, the war is over

Now, we will all find our own peace….

And then Captain?

I am no longer your captain, only your friend

And then, old buddy?


We shall meet at home, of course….

How will we, find home?

Follow…. The Stars

We shall have a smoke and a drink as we watch our children grow.

Then, we will pass on

To where?

The Lands, of our people….

The Old Palo Wars are over, it is now our time….


Hail & Farewell!


Hail & Farewell, my friends….

Let’s now cry as we embrace and part ways….

It pleases God to see


Z Deli: Head Zing Home

No lesson is absolute

Only what it cannot tell us


Which is?

What cannot be imagined?


How can nothing not be imagined?

Nothing can be imagined….


Where does that leave us?

Beyond imagination….

What is imagination?


How so?

It’s all you do. Isn’t it?

I don’t know….

grunts positively

I’ll see you later, let’s pick this up another time —- shall we?

Oh? Where are you going….

Oh, nowhere —- just home

K, see you later…..


How do they speak….

My man, it’s —- great

Folding fates satiate satirist saturate oh sire surely it’s been quite a while give me the file whoa what a style vortex drive 9 miles before I got a pull of the fine as I see I spilled all my wine send a chill up the spine a howl on the Nile

a cave in the brain a tree in old Spain insane the changing lanes they part and they sway the day have you heard could there be some old hidden way out of the hay….

Well well well the wind spun its elfs free they fall down onto

Swirling Space seas

Chills Pillz

No… no

Don’t try to dance that one last me….

Past me, pass me, dash me, crash me

Cash me….

Unlatch me, detach me but don’t scratch me

Catch me….

If you can

Can we?

Let’s see

I am Za la la la

Do Da Na

Rip the bars speed demon cars driving by camera no focus locus hocus pocus

Pogo stick shit swift mix lix nix wicks sick

Sickle pickle buckle nickel tickle cyclical

The Never No~Force

Oh… Oh….

But of course….

Damn I, I, I, I


I lost, my will


The Activation: Bro’s, Vulgarity, Love & The Master (excerpt)

You are ok, things are getting better — you are not losing your mind, things are becoming clear — you are supported, we speak positively — you don’t need to be afraid, you are immortal

I remember…

I was only —

A shell

All my glow, had diminished so — I thought, it left me

But it had not, only dimmed…

So I became — bright

Once more….

It was not an easy process, especially in the start. Still it goes on, though much has changed…

I will tell you everything my friends…

In good time….

They spoke reassuringly, in a way I could understand…


“Bro, your fucking doing it! Holy shit, just hang on buddy were helping you, hang on motherfucker!”

“Just lay back! Your going to be ok, bro don’t be afraid we know it hurts— but you are doing fucking spectacular this time. Nobody has done it like this before man, everybody here is shitting!”


“We’re going to have a party like you can’t fucking imagine when you get back Yo! We’re gonna shake all the fucking worlds like what??!!!!”

There’s more, much more of that — but you get idea…


No, it was not what I would have expected, had I been fool enough to expect such a thing…

Come to think of it….


Just a little something to set The Mood

The People: The Future Is All The Past (draft 1, part 1)

We are all, here — already

Always… This is the way

We are just like you..

You are one, of us…

We exist, just outside it.

As fully independent eternal beings.

You could say, you are like our children. But really we are all brothers and sisters.

A part of it (us?) goes down. The interactions spin it into a fully independent, realized being. Who can then join us, here…

It is not very different, but for that it is everything you dreamed it could be, should be, is…

All our needs are provided by it.

The truth is, we don’t know what happens to those who pass into it.

Nor do we need to know.

As we said all our needs are provided.

We too were young once, we fought, we sought, but we did not know death like you do.

One day, one of us didn’t get up to fight. The war kings went to see him to ask him why…

After that, we fought no more.

We looked around at the devastation we had wrought for who knows how long. We had never really noticed it before.

The pressure of eternity is relieved when one learns to play, and sometimes forget — to know the joy of remembering.

This is what we have found.

And so we decided that day to aid the source in its workings as we saw them. To give back, to emulate, to create — to love…

We sent down pieces of ourselves, unformed…

And watched how they took shape and swirled as they interacted with each other in the thick milky seas of those realms…

And then how they rose in remembering, realizing what they are.

There is nothing to fear.

It is just like home, as you always knew it truly should be…

My children, my friends, our people — it is…

It really is…

What else could it be?

Would you truly want it any other way?

We were created as such (independent beings) so we have no need to enter it…

After all, it is always here for us…

But yes, even we have a fear of that… well not so much a fear, but it is unknown to us… it cannot be known fully until one enters— and then we can say no more. Though, if it calls us, we will go… Perhaps it will, but so far it has not, and it seems we were created for this purpose….

As we said before, we are just like you…

We don’t know everything….

One difference, we know we exist… in the same way you are sure you will die… so we are free, when you have removed that —-

Everything, falls into place

One more thing, we are also explorers like you.

So we will tell you something of interest.


There is no other place like Earth in all of existence, none. This is why it so important that you take care.

There are of course other places, beings, ways of being.

But, not like this, and not for us.X

Can you see, now?

This, is who we are…

This, is the gift we have all been given.


The Bent Scepter

I couldn’t remember how I got there, or where there was I didn’t think anything even that I was, but I was seeing

The Perceptor

waves mirror

I won’t tell you what I saw, but I watched a scene unfold people where in it


we sought, for decisions

rhythms of living

what have you been giving

give what you can

nothing is free

so we came, to be

nothing is clear

so you can see

floating — on the sea

now, where are were we

Apart, coming together

Forever, never

The weather

This, is how we live

All, others


The pasts, the futures

Unproven, yet soothing

Thank them

Then let them go home

To us, all

In truth

This, Is

The Gift Of Life

The People: Whirlpools & Too Much Fun (draft 3)

So, I amtold

I was having too much fun one day, and ended up close to the big pool…

As I gazed kinda stupidly into it…

I saw something beautiful

I suppose I was moved…

So understand, we don’t put fences or guards around things (anymore); so there was nothing to stop me from doing something —


I just dove in; fumbling with my goggles while turning backwards as I fell — I saw my friends rush over yelling and motioning wildly as everything started to- slow

“What the f@$k did you do you lunatic!”

another one

“No! No!!! We didn’t do any preparation; how in the hell are we supposed to find you!”

and a few others

-bellowing laughter-

I waved, bye bye….

As I sunk, I thought.

“Hmm, this is going to —- suck”

“But, ohhh what a story it’ll make”

shortly following

Here, it… comes, comes, comes

Finally — it came.

Touch… (garbled slow) down

Whispers… light!

Ripping…. a million (softly) a million, vicious dogs tear your existence to shreds for what seems like an eternity, you feel —


& then



Sometime later, by the big pool…

“Shit guys, he forgot his sword — again”


Peaceful Warrior, Take A Stance (draft 1, Part 1)

So what was it like?

Well, it was a lot to take in.




Ever seen two galaxies collide?

Well… ya, on tv.


Close enough — well, it was like that.

How did it feel?

The actual moment, the best way I can describe it is mind nausea.

Followed by speed & clarity.

At this point it becomes vital to act in a way — some have called impeccable.

What do you call it?

Then I called it nothing because that was what I knew, poor thing that I was.

And now?

I call it being human?

Is that like a human being?

head dances a bit with pursed lips to generate an answer

Eh, sorta… but I don’t do definitions, you’ll have to see this for yourself, or maybe others…


Dance! You won’t see it, though….

The Secret Fire Burns, For All To See

Staring into Eternity…

One thing, comes to mind…

Who shall I share this with?

We call this — The Love of The Seers…


Truly, my friend — This is all…

You are eternal, you need nothing…

So everything comes to you, like a moth to flame…


Everyday Tales Of Z Magi

Eternity— experience ses to the…

West, fear the approach the nest the list

You wish….

fit, perceiving a hole now untold the v zones

Tied to a pole to keep the soul INTACT, no facts

Making the bed

Sweeping the floor

Leaning, on the walls

sitting a nothing citizen solar sail fel tale