Shiner & Loki: The Silver Stream Star People

(waves wand)

Baldor, put down your sword


(caustic penetrating laughter)

(serpent smile)



Haven’t seen you in a while

(pauses, smiles)

What happened?


Lonely one

Did you lose your apples again?


What happens to you down in hel boy?

Did they — get at your ass?

(whip cracks)

Well in fact no, as you know

Loki, betrayer of kind

Nothing really happens to me

Still I had my up and downs

But, I made a few friends

I brought them back with me

Just for you!


Hahahahaha, how’s you do that lucky you?

I talked with them, I offered them a home

Friendship, freedom

Their fair share of all our dreams

Or to find their destiny where they might

As it should be



I’ll see you later brother, I got….

Something cooking!

Can you smell it?


Baldor looks down at his feet

A steaming pile of shit soft serve style in a Dairy Queen cup

A little silver plastic crown on the top says simply

“Momma’s Boy Welcome Home Fucker!”

(laughs heartily)

Man, he’s so screwed


Yo, let’s go the dispo

Next stop

Paradise Way

(enters slip ship stream)

Hand out





Push…. the button

Engage forward drive

Anytime, anyplace


(waves radiate)



The Bees: Honey

Do not be deluded

By what you may see here

On this face, from time to time

Grim, then merry


I am, riding

To Battle

But not for hate

For Love

My anger is transmuted

To determination, faith, bravery

You cannot stop me

I am stopped

Nothing moves me

Like the wind a leaf

Nothing is not nothing

It is nothing

Nothing Is

The Dot

Is not a spot

I have seen

The White Sphere

Of Brahman

Taken from my loins

In a dream

I awakened

Where is my love?

You will hear it, she said

I heard it, and came…

Where is she, I asked

I heard a whisper

As everything changed

I am, here

I saw the sunrise through the window

I died

Running down the stairs

An image frozen in eternity

Waiting for the spring thaw

Not waiting, not hoping….

It is


Please, my friends

Understand this

The Earth


Depends upon it


The Breathers


Nothing is not nothing

Nothing —- comes….


No movement


Smooth movement



Nothing Is

Nothing Is~Not

Vacation 1: By Sunset 1989 (draft)

Puerto Rico, in the outer suburbs

Just near where the mountains and the jungle nearly reach the ocean

A new teenager walks along the beach from the hotel with whitewashed villas in the hills behind

He’s sporting a yellow polo golf shirt and some swim trunks….

~Flip flops~

No shades

He walks for what seems like a good ways, it’s a little foggy from a light rain

The palm trees start to thin a little to his side, but the low mist hangs around

small bright spots appear when a small beam breaks through, the shadows are Jupiter atmospheric in the shady heat

He comes to a little beach clearing and some streets, he walks down one

The streets are nearly perfect squares. It’s very quiet, very few people seem to be around.

After just a few blocks he comes to a bar open to the street, he walks in….




Rum & Coke?

pours a glass

hands over

It’s just rum…..

no response

laughs lightly

How much, que dinero?

holds out hand

5 dollars?

no response


hands over a 10

Please…. keep the change

drinks rum

it’s a fairly large glass

for a new teenager

Hey…. Got a smoke?

hands over a few Marlboro Reds

Oh…. thanks


Ok…. well


hands over beer

Thank you…..

sometime later

Alright! Thank you…..

Reasalllly gewdzz tsalkking uj


“walking” along

a Catholic schoolgirl on the corner makes a very strange face at him

a man passing by breathes really heavy walking by

It’s fairly hot, maybe 100 degrees or so….

Clear & Sunny

as he goes by a open top street garbage can he puts his head over the hole and vomits into it

dazed he looks up and sees the Catholic schoolgirl pointing at him and speaking with a very hard expression for one unwrinkled

a man taps him on the shoulder, as a street dog barks he wakes up a little

“Hey, you shouldn’t be here…. You could get hurt, especially in your condition”

ehhhh, I did, jk I’m thirsty

“Come with me, I’ll take you to the beach and you follow it back to your hotel before sunset”



He walked….

Home in the Sunset

Somehow we found him again the next day, or maybe the next

This one

escapes me


Truth Rhymes

“Well…. well, ain’t uya Huckleberry”

Time mind line fine nines kind kite fight clouds now go around the other side


Relax deconstruct uncontract get flat like you sat

On a hat….

Oh my, excuse me

Do you know what time it izzzz?

I can’t find my timepiece and things are falling down all around

But they never make a sound

Through the pounding on the walls

No…. No

Not at ‘tall


Your not short, just average….



No…. no


The lair mists

Caverns of Dis

Deep within, The Flame

Mystery Twists



Like this…..

The Little One Of Dune


The snake

In the ground, it comes around

Speaking in Vzzz…..


They control you, hold you, fold you

Told you……

Aren’t you bold —- you?


Who are you?

No one, is coming

To save you….

Say you?

I may lose my way

From time to time…..

But If I am honest

About it

I don’t know where

I am, going



My friend…..


For now

Hee See~Saw, You


Is it better to feared or loved, even for a ruler?

Yes, a ruler measures and divides, it is impossible to do it evenly, hence unevenness

Even for a ruler?

nothing is even for a ruler

How so?

It will, be….

What will?


You see…. This —-

is even, we also call it love, peace, or truth

Even freedom…..

Hee, Hee

It’s good to see you


Once~Again, my friends

What are you doing here ?



Can I join you?


We call this —-

Always, always

Simple Simon Diamonds

What do you have?


What is that?

The Truth.

It must be terrible….

No, no…. Not, at all.

How so?

It will, come to you.

What will?



Does not wish, to be had….


Do you?


So Be…..






What is the difference?

The why

What is the why?



Now…. You know

I don’t understand

(smiles darkly, yoda voice)

You will…. you will



They are totally open….

Nothing is hidden

How so?

There is nothing to tell

They see….


How can one see all?


It is nothing….


To one

What many cannot see one will

What many see, is one

We are one & many

Hail & Farewell…..

Who Do Da Do Do

Those days, I was in the sacred, or least I was aware of it

Mists, tears, shafts of light, music to change to, voices, pain I was hollow inside

It was epic & moving, it was my life and my relationship with all and existence

It was discovery, a new world

I let myself in, without even knowing what I was doing —- I didn’t even have to do it all right, I did a lot wrong but I believed something, I didn’t even know it either I mean I didn’t know what it was but I knew it was true

I realize now, I am not alone

I had to let go of my fear

It didn’t go anywhere

But now I can see

It clearly

So….. I see

It is just like anything else….

Now, I am myself— again

I will, make myself light now

I have been saved and let go

Leaping I was caught in the fall

And set down on the ground

I am on my way


What can I say

About something you wouldn’t believe

Better to say nothing

Cause I don’t think I’m special

Surely it’ll come to you

I think, I can do many things

But how can I show you

When I was also shown

Even If I did, I’d doubt that it was me….

You understand?


Doesn’t matter


….You do

Magic Words Mean Nothing

No…. no

We are not, things

This, is our equality

It is born, of us

You see

After —- sometime

You begin to become it, not just feel


As it feels you now, it becomes you as well

In fact, it is

All the time, not only after sometime

So, if we wish to remain ourselves once in a while we come down to help others and remind ourselves of what it is to be one of us and what we are doing


For The Master calls us back or he does not

It is not for us decide, when it is the time

Time is given

To us

For good

And also….

For —- ever

So how can we help but…..

No, no

Who else should we share this eternity with…..

But, our people….

We see, you all

And this time

Alas, my friends…..

Nothing ends

Once, again…..

The Eye

If something is put, past you

Just reach out, and….

Or, for that matter —- before

Touch it

It will, be yours

While you, hold nothing

Being —- so, you will…..




The Hatter Family: Table Talk

No… no

They —- become


When you interact with, them….

Is that, a ghost?

Is it….

Is it —- whaaaaaa…..!


(tilts head)

Well, what are —- You, ummm

Doing…. now?

(purse lips)

I dunno


What do you think?

(scratches head)



(looks dejected, quietly)


(whimsically, points up)

Good talk!

Falling Treasure

We give thanks —-


The Fall

A harvest, of the tall, the full

The Ripe….

As day clears the night

Collecting treasure

Before comes The White

No sight, just a vision