This Man: Brotherhood Of The Black Lodge, The Inner Tooth Set

There is of course another side to this, perhaps even darker….

It is when one sees truth, without compassion….

And uses it like a weapon, with the intent initially to enlighten….

But without compassion, it destroys….

It becomes —- hate

Of self, and so —- All

I will, tell you —- True

I, my selves — did that……

I caused incalculable—- Damage

Yes… yes, I did dis……

It did not start out that way, but that

Is no excuse…..


Please, my friends and most especially




Is The Way Of Truth

Love Is Justice

Thank You

My friends

For listening to

This man

Forgive me

Of the four

I am, the last one….

The only one, left

Thank you


Rotten: Way Of The Tooth

Dishonesty leads to…


Both small & large, and all the degrees in-between…

It could be a nasty joke at someone’s expense, it could be enjoying frustrating someone, or confusing them — or much, much, more….

And like anything that lives, it grows

But lies are not alive….

They are only —- parasites

Why does dishonesty lead to sadism?

If the mind cannot find relief (from eternity) in the truth of the heart, and true communion with people….

The ego will find —- other ways

That is not The Way

It is

The Way Of The Tooth

However parasite predators —- beware….

Those dreams of teeth




You will see, my poor friends…..





A New Morning: The 4 Horses Transfigured

Carried through many nations and over many seas,

I arrive, brother, for these wretched funeral rites
so that I might present you with the last tribute of death

and speak in vain to silent ash,
since Fortune has carried you, yourself, away from me.

Alas, poor brother, unfairly taken away from me,
now in the meantime, nevertheless, these things which in the ancient custom of ancestors
are handed over as a sad tribute to the rites,
receive, dripping much with brotherly weeping.

And forever, brother, hail and farewell.

Catullus 101

Gaius Valerius Catullus