Power Button Galaxy Cloud Drive

How did you come….

To see things, as you do now?

I don’t know.

Is there anything you can tell us about it?

It’s here….

What is here?

All of us.

Who are you?

I am, no one

Who are the others?

Of the Earth….

What do they do?


What are they like?

What are you like….

Can you tell me?

That’s ok…..

It doesn’t, matter



Riddles In The Dark

Who is their mother?

The Huntress, she protects the hidden ways

Where do they meet?

In a glen, behind The Fair

By the old well…..

On the lands of Sugaar

Where did they come from?

Born on the Planes of White Light

They lived amongst The Shrubs & The Oak for a time, then ascended the Magic Mountain

And down again the other side, finally to The Lands of Sugaar

Some call it —- The Sticks

Where I cast, down…. all my lix

Come, now….

Servants of god, hear The Masters call



The Fall…..

Chills Pillz

No… no

Don’t try to dance that one last me….

Past me, pass me, dash me, crash me

Cash me….

Unlatch me, detach me but don’t scratch me

Catch me….

If you can

Can we?

Let’s see

I am Za la la la

Do Da Na

Rip the bars speed demon cars driving by camera no focus locus hocus pocus

Pogo stick shit swift mix lix nix wicks sick

Sickle pickle buckle nickel tickle cyclical

The Never No~Force

Oh… Oh….

But of course….

Damn I, I, I, I


I lost, my will


For I am not nothingz

You can do

To me


You wish

This, is the —–

peace of the seers

I wished for you

To be

As you wish to be

Also… so that <—-

I may, see

But, not think about the other side

Only feel deep my seat

My loved ones are it

Look darlings to the ever twisting opulenzensense always here present gift never tense pens

Now times to recedes…

Peace, peace, peace


Arms straight out

Palms flat forward

Ray from nothing everything becomes

A. sun –none sums up none

V upside down

Right on…

The World Speaks All Ways

Don’t you want to feel good again?

What are you, doing — exactly?

Do you even know?

Don’t  you want to feel good again?

What do you think there is — to gain that way?

You cannot fill yourself with things, they are here only for your — pleasure…

And yet look at you, just….

Look at you….

What do I see?


My friend… I came to see you, didn’t I?

My question to you is…

Now, what do you see…

What is happening here?

It is, right in front you… everything else is, left behind….

This is, called — The Sign of The Seers

So, let’s relax, and talk like brothers with not a care, but

The World.

And yes, my people….

It cares right, back…..


Nons Gyt

It was bright, so bright to begin

Then, slowly at first like time…

Things dis___dim did, sin, eeeyes unwise slys knives crave craze caged sage mage sky mire

sire I aspire to your

Mystery, twisting




slow~mo show no, no, no



Mercy —- me…

The Master is near

Noz Fleez


Itz right

But left

Get lift

Never sift

I shiftz


— Getz

Way Of The Masters

No… no

It takes— nothing

No energy…

All, comes from —

The Master

And is freely given to those who give freely of it..

Know this….


The Master will see it, you, as he always does…

As he knows you wish you to be, in the most secret recesses of your soul…

And he will give you — everything…

As… my friends, truly…

You do not, see….

He always has, does, will….


This is the way…

The Way of The Masters

A Glow Pen Floats In Hand


I said…

Before The Master

One hand, on my heart

The other a slight angle, palm outward straight up…

For now, I will always — follow your direction, which is nothing only


I flew

An eye in a cloud

Beautiful & Sound

A kind friend

But of a kind, a quality

Which must be wished

To be found

I was

I Saw


I am

Always bound

It is

Here all around

The ups & downs

The Dawn of Time

To its


I felt

All — this time…


First, I thought


Yes & No

But, those are only lines

The many in one

One in many

As a horn of plenty

We have nothing

And so…

No walls

From which falls

The Endless

Pouring Graces of The Spaces

Weaving new time shoe laces


Now, see you…

I am


Here, my place



Yes, I did say….


Hail & Farewell

The People