The No-Whip Trips

What is it?

It’s a surprise

It’s from god

It’s better than you thought
Yet… very familiar

What you knew you wanted without ever thinking about it, but then your like….

Ya, nice….

Is timeless—- eternal….


Mother Earth Wife

Father Sun One

Clearing darkness none

This is come that is won

Fizz pop tumble twist


Wiz~bang gunz

Runs —-


The unkinds blind to the nines calling why

Skipping time spilling light

Hang man….

Sss…. alright

Fall nights in the glow spaces

Floating faces of allraces

What nations?

No explanations

Alien wave mind fascinations

Brilliant stations neon frequencies sparkle ship racing

Tasting, smoking, soaking



The Bent Zent

RadioShack 2002

An employee

Cool, thanks

Blank ranks sank



Yo, I’m going to the store to get smokes

Be right back….

Walks to the diner, sits at the bar

Excuse me…. can I have a vodka & seltzer please

Lime twist…

Feed back loop



A little while later

Passes the packy on the way backy

Slack zen sweets


Ran deep

Beep beep


Come down the —-

Basement, let’s get

Wasted, way bent, free rent

The Lord zent

Sure, it’s my ten

And so, and so….

So, so, so

It went

Ion forgiveness

Is, always

Like a desert wind

What is….




The Whirl Daze Mage

No, no…..



I don’t know

What is —- The Time….

At this, moment

Holding, so gently

Folding, rolling, boiling

Soul sings, of coming…. Springs

Boinging dings the ring-a-lings

Ascent the way

Such twisting maze

In yellow haze

The glory plays

The endless days

The folding dates

Bound closing gates

I clear eyed tumble the caves

No… no

I don’t mind —- to wait

I’s never latez

So hot….

Eat phase drops

Rave, waves


Spread the spray

The ray is splayed

Cool Rainbow serpent


We are All

Spiral blazed

Shift aeon craze

The dawning….


The Days In Question

Tea in the morning

Music light soaring

Is the Sunrise boring….

Asked the mushrooms

As the faun looms

In the yawning is born this

What moorings….


I am, head dead

Towards bliss

I know not, far

or near

This is dear


Then leaves to sit before


Blank dreamers
of The Undivision

Have risen

Hypno beam blaster prisms

The Master

12 mystery twisting


Go, down! slowing —- faster….

Nothing moves like a rhythm

Given —- in them

Lines blend, in soft bends

Say amen.

Delusion cancer protrusions seek executions of the new unions

Time infusions better consume them watch them swoon them


Unloose sands footing goose man no excuse plans better juice —- hand out


Haze a slow mirage blaze of glowing mind sage such is the fine wine way of the triangle circuit days slipping green phantoms crazed glory our freedom lives love


Always ——

The Day

Yes, you may call this….
The Way

Hail & Farewell

-The Forever Display

Infinite Jim’s

So, so…


How can an infinite



But, to become


Like how all of us go

To run

To what, for who

The Sun

For none


We go wherever called

To rise, or the fall

For we are all


Feel in your heart

What is near

Said the seer to the witness

Who then kissed….

The Ground

Upside down

Which sides up

Asked the cup….

The mirror, said


The rabbit turned, and said


I am, late

For early dawns tall

Down the halls

Where leaves fall

To the winds

Fires twin

Grumbling sin

Mumbling wins

Taken by wings

All things sing

Of the kind

Beautiful mind


Phosphorescent signs

A. Perceptor

Seeing blind

All my lives

In a dive

Such is life

Rising high from the lie

What is it?

I imagine, it’s alright

I said to my wife

Going towards the door

l’ll pick up some more…

Sat, Ur Nine Beam Machines

Ego perceives truth as violence

That is why, it often comes out

Like this, though….

Like this, is~not


What can be done

Nothing is done

We call….

Call, This —-


So, such


It Is

Stop – Fighting – It


Just how…. are you fighting?

See, now

The Mood Balls

Of The Zone Halls

By The Mind Falls

Hear here, The Call


Nothing is the matter

In the rings….

Of Saturn

Charlie Browns Class Act

No, I cannot answer that…


It is an unreality

(I will, not —- hurt, reality)

What is that?

Something born of

The Lie

What is the lie?


I thought this was nothing?

No. Nothing is

What do you mean?

Why do you ask?

I don’t know


What is there to know?


Then what is the lie?

Something —- we made


(Throws up his hands)

Like this….


Outta Sight

I saw

The Red


The center of a clear darkness spaces

Circulating grey clouds banded surround

Traveling, traveling….


Yet I was right, here

Mercy, is near

In my home

Time wavered, flying past

The future

It cast

Somehow I moved

Motionless motion, a form

As I spoke, an oath

In the dream mind

I awoke

Familiar, comforting

Now, I speak of home

Everywhere, everything




We are all

Under —- The Sun

To join The Stars….

Brothers & Sisters

These years, the fears

Have you not seen….

The Tears

Seers blunted spears

Tap the clear

New dawning rays

Now gaze, into the light

Don’t fight, why fight….

Why, why

It Is…

— Light


Also night

Like sight

Such sights….

Now, now

My friends

Let’s take flight….

Ya, man

Ya —-


Riddles In The Dark

Who is their mother?

The Huntress, she protects the hidden ways

Where do they meet?

In a glen, behind The Fair

By the old well…..

On the lands of Sugaar

Where did they come from?

Born on the Planes of White Light

They lived amongst The Shrubs & The Oak for a time, then ascended the Magic Mountain

And down again the other side, finally to The Lands of Sugaar

Some call it —- The Sticks

Where I cast, down…. all my lix

Come, now….

Servants of god, hear The Masters call



The Fall…..

Cave Souls

Near, the falls….

The hemlock grows

By the cottage where everything is kept neatly in rows

It has been said, since long ago….

The old woman —- knows

A frosted blood moon


I am —- the portal

The vortex swirling

Grows, behind me

And so…..

Though I know nothing

I see, now


The folds

So many stories, each a chapter

They blend in the end….

Like our souls

One & many

Or so….

I have been told

~Za Za Na~

Safe in the diamond

Spilling out gold


The rising tide

For the wave

It carries, us….

All —- The Way


The Salem Set

And just how will I know—- The True….


They, will never —- fight you

Even if it means their ruin, enslavement….


If those things happen it is no mans will —- but gods alone

For they have seen past, the veil….

And so….

We fear no man, or the grave….

Endless lines


This is why we say….

I am

For we are deathless

The peaceful warriors, the dreamers —-
of God & The Mother


On The Way: Paths Of Light Home

I throw, the bones….


What do they tell you?

Everything, I need to know

I ask, no more

I only —- receive

A Believer

Knows nothing, does nothing

And so….. sees all, clearly

What does it look like?

Nothing. has changed

How has nothing changed?

I changed it

Into what?

Something, beautiful…

What is that?

This, here

What is here?

All of us….

We are waiting

For what?

You, to join us —- now


We are —- family

Can you not see this?

This, is our home

But —- The Time

Has come, to leave the nursery….

Mother, has done her job well….

Our father star calls us to him

To show us

Our new place, in the sky

With all our brothers and sisters….

Rise, now

Follow the light

What light?

The one in your heart, that shines in your eyes

It lay a path on the ground, for you to follow

You need follow no one, only this


Are all, around you

My friend

And never fear, or despair

You are family, after all

We will never….

Forget you

We are one, and many….

Hail & Farewell

The People

Culture Man

What is our culture?

It seems to be a collection of sentimental attachments to our varying sicknesses and prejudices….

and some food and clothes, music. If those were the only things we passed on that would be great, but as we all can see they are only the cherries on a great cake of toxicity & violence….

What is true culture? Love, mutual respect, graciousness, gentleness, compassion, giving —-


This is, the culture of The People

And nothing else….

For now, stop worrying so much about your culture, and what it tells you you should be like, like, must feel or do such….

Define yourself, else….

What are you really?

The Arrival: Dreamtimes

What is the end of the line?

A point

What is a point?

Many things….

Among others, a portal….

A portal to what?

Nothing, from which we emerge…..

The lines are ending, east will meet west, the north the south….

Yes… yes

We are, coming out….

Why, for what?

To help….

Help what?

What is the end of the line?

A point

And what is a point?

Many things, among others….

The beginning….

Of what?

The new line….

What will the new line be?

You all, have drawn it…..

With your most noble dreams…..

We are only steadying the hand…..

And whispering to you…..

You can do it, you are not alone, keep going, follow your heart no matter what happens or is said….

And soon, you shall see

Our smiles at your…..


The Palo Wars: Four Sticks


Captain, captain

The war is over, where do we go from here…..

Points —-

Forward, in waves

To what end?

The end of the line

We would follow you anywhere sir, though we are only four now….

Things are different now friend, none shall follow me

As we head home….

Picking up the sticks along the way that cross our path

Each of you pick a direction if you will then follow it till you come to a well; cast down your sticks and walk away home….


You will see, my friends….

We won’t leave you….

But you must, the war is over

Now, we will all find our own peace….

And then Captain?

I am no longer your captain, only your friend

And then, old buddy?


We shall meet at home, of course….

How will we, find home?

Follow…. The Stars

We shall have a smoke and a drink as we watch our children grow.

Then, we will pass on

To where?

The Lands, of our people….

The Old Palo Wars are over, it is now our time….


Hail & Farewell!


Hail & Farewell, my friends….

Let’s now cry as we embrace and part ways….

It pleases God to see


Epis Kopoi

I will not, wish for anything…..

What more, do I need?

What have I done….

To deserve —- this?


So nothing will be done, as nothing is done….

I accept —- what is given

As graciously as I can….

But still, yes —- I do

Desire you….

How can I not?

I cannot….

So I accept it

So it does not desire, desire is ——


And when I see you…..

I feel so full

It cannot help, but to come pouring—-


As I am flooded in light, bathed in presence

I swirl around you, and you I


Like two colliding galaxies

Wild orbits

Reaching out as we meet along the long curving passes, for a moment


We shall meet, at the center

We shall see our reflections side by side as we float before….

The One

It fills all our, vision

We are as two small people, before

The Sun

All I can say is

More shall be revealed


Why would you want to know

Surprise, is what makes life what it is

So please, do not despair that you do not know all

You are not lost

You, are here….

Remember, all knows you

It knows us —- All

Until then…..

Be well

-D. Kinjay

The Lady of The Lake

~The eyes came to life like a dream come true~

They looked at me so sweetly….

You are afraid

No…. no, I am

No longer afraid, of you

looks so clearly & calmly

No, you are afraid —- you will, hurt us

This…. is why you cry

softly pleading eyes

First you were told you would hear it….

And you did

So you saw

Now, you see

Now, is waiting….

For what?


Do not give into despair


Remember, remember

I do, I cannot forget —- now

No, you cannot —- but you can let it go


Look! it is bent, throw it into the water

splash, ripples


What do I do now?

Your hand is free, to make peace

How is it done?

I feel something touch my shoulder lightly, and then a hand grips me reassuringly….

Like this—-

Night Last Like The Past

No…. no

I have, no idea

What is —- going on

But…. it is


Like a song the soundtrack of breathless dawn
long the lawns I crosses them all a hyper tumble time ball stopping for a moment I bummed a smoke from the faun was that wrong?

Pong…. pong….. ping….


Now bow at the waist like folding space lines

Ace, run but don’t race see with your face

Flowers in the vase

Monkey in a cage




to smiling skies

Becoming….. nothing

There are no eyes, to close

As mind time twisting melt flows

Out and back in the rivers of din

Through wobbling holes they glow

Fell through one got lucky and hit home…..

Reached over and grabbed my phone

Seems like the right zone, are things where they were how do they look in the light?

-The Lunatic

Z Deli: Head Zing Home

No lesson is absolute

Only what it cannot tell us


Which is?

What cannot be imagined?


How can nothing not be imagined?

Nothing can be imagined….


Where does that leave us?

Beyond imagination….

What is imagination?


How so?

It’s all you do. Isn’t it?

I don’t know….

grunts positively

I’ll see you later, let’s pick this up another time —- shall we?

Oh? Where are you going….

Oh, nowhere —- just home

K, see you later…..

4 Then 5

The Hand splays auto action phases precise as lazers day drifts who’s in control the cave station the crown of all nations inpatient impatient impertinent so I squirted it to squirming dirt it grew tall and went left first then right I suppose like night to day you can call it an excuse but I call it —-

The Way



So they say….

Whose they?

The Beautiful phantoms that haunt the rays

So many colors, as many as moments in time, they rhyme reform enlarge discharge return & burn fall like water in a room in a lagoon that was lost such a cost to be paid I wished alone by the wall, in time not for nothing but all

Alas, the past is the past

So we go the last

To see


We are, free