Power Button Galaxy Cloud Drive

How did you come….

To see things, as you do now?

I don’t know.

Is there anything you can tell us about it?

It’s here….

What is here?

All of us.

Who are you?

I am, no one

Who are the others?

Of the Earth….

What do they do?


What are they like?

What are you like….

Can you tell me?

That’s ok…..

It doesn’t, matter



The Hand

It’s ok….

I can see, you are sad

Let it out

Don’t be ashamed, it is in all of us

It’s ok

It can even feel good…..

All of the emotions can feel good

They are…. A Gift

They are all the same thing, they come from the same place —-



What about the negative emotions?

Those are not emotions, those are reactions

How can I manage this?

You cannot, this is why we say do not try

Let it be

Should I never do anything?

I did not say that….

Well, what did you say?

I don’t really know….

How can you not know what you said?

Because, I don’t understand it

I feel it

How does it feel?

(hand on heart)



Simple Simon Diamonds

What do you have?


What is that?

The Truth.

It must be terrible….

No, no…. Not, at all.

How so?

It will, come to you.

What will?



Does not wish, to be had….


Do you?


So Be…..


4 Stars! 4 V 5 v

“Riddles In The Dark”

You are not asking why…..

You want to find who’s responsible…..

I’ll ask you, since you have a reason —- why?


What will, you do?

God knows….

Anyway, you know —- why…..

What do you have —- planned?

Keep in mind, whatever you do…..

Your children & their children, if we are so lucky….

Will, want to know


You will, leave them with no choice —- but to ask, why?

Will we —- Lie?

Hell, is nothing more than madness…..


It is made, of lies….

Lies hurt this, they damage your reality, they take it away…..

Stop, there is nothing to lie about

You are loved

Put your hands up!

This is another one of our signs

Yes, it’s a bad joke….

Of course

Sex-It, Up

We Exist

Everything else is, made up….

Of what?


And so, you will never be able to understand it.

How is this, possible?

Exactly, it, is~not.

So what should I do?

idk, get creative about it….

12 Miles From Alba Longa

Why should I?

For the sake of morality?


We don’t need a bunch of vengeful “perfect” people who never do anything “wrong” Yuck!

Because I’ll get some reward?


We won’t even go there…… (been there already)

Because it’s the right thing to do? Well…. No

But ya, it is…..

Because it feels good? Almost, But…. No

Mmm, don’t it?

Is there a reason?

Not really…..

(prescient laughter)

Well, why then?

I won’t tell you why….

(purse lips)

What will you tell me?

They are one, of you……

Can you explain further?


What is there to say?

That’s what I thought….



J. Kennon

Petty Matter(s)

If you wish to advance do not learn….



The Dream

What is the dream?

All of ours

But…. what is it?



How so?


Nothing, is true

Where does that leave us?

(hand out)

Together, forever…..




What is the difference?

The why

What is the why?



Now…. You know

I don’t understand

(smiles darkly, yoda voice)

You will…. you will

Suffering Succotash

“The Justice Of God Is Love”

Without forgiveness, there is no progress

Only annihilation…..

However you find your love, it does not matter….

It is different for everyone.

Only god knows…..

But when they come to you, truth in their eyes….

Do not turn away…..

Or surely…..

That old ghost, has a found a new home.

Stop it.

Now, we go…..


The future, my friend.

My friend, the future is —- now.

What is there?

All of us.

What is it like?

Being, born again…..

How so?

Remember…. remember

Why can’t you tell me, is it beyond words?

No, it is beyond me…..

But here is the beauty, you don’t need to know what it is like, you will see it —- yourself…..

Will I really?

Yes, how can we leave anyone behind…..

Everyone of you, is family.

You thought you were alone, but you never were. We just lost touch for a while.

The doorbell is jingling, your phone is blowing up…..

And your hiding in your room.

So we are subtle, in hopes that those more amenable can answer the door and help you find your way out.

Ok, see? No big monster, no avenging god…..

It’s only the neighbor, come to check on you cause he saw your mail was overflowing and got concerned…..

Everything ok, neighbor?

Oh ah, ya….. I am, ok now.

Nothing really, just a weird dream.

I think.

But you may notice, we are becoming less subtle….

Nice work, people

Here Is, Straight Talk

What is it you are really trying to do?

looks for a moment, shrugs, smiles

You know…..

light laugh

I suppose I am, truthful…..

Above all else….


We are attempting to enable your kind to live one fairly pleasant life on Earth, and then come here. The way it was before, and shall be once again….


looks, shrugs, smiles




How will you do this?

We do n—

looks, smiles

One thing at a time, my friend…..

Merry X- Mass!

Hail & Farewell

The People

WiLfRed: It Will, Come To You

Nothing will come to you…..

How does nothing come to you?

Like nothing else….

How is it like nothing else?

It makes everything.

How does it make everything?

Nothing goes in, everything comes out.

How can I have everything?

Make space.

How can I make space?

Be open.

How can I be open?

Be honest.

How can I be honest?

Answer that question, and then ask no more…..


When it is time….

You won’t have to try, it’ll just happen….

(like death, or life)

Often I understand things after I’ve done them, or when I’ve remembered them…..

This is not~doing.



Are you mad?

About what, you?


No, I mean the world can’t be like that….

Like what?


But, you don’t know what nothing is….

What are you talking about, nothing isn’t nothing….

Yes, that’s right!


Nothing comes from nothing…..

So they say, but what they forgot to tell you is the something is in the coming.

How’s that?

Nothing is aware.

Of what?



Nothing comes of it….


Seems stark….

It is~not (snowing)

Beautiful, no?


Very funny, but really how is it is not?

There is —- one other…..

Who’s that?





They are totally open….

Nothing is hidden

How so?

There is nothing to tell

They see….


How can one see all?


It is nothing….


To one

What many cannot see one will

What many see, is one

We are one & many

Hail & Farewell…..

Remember When…. (Draft 2)

music plays softly

Hey, do you remember when we first met….



I gave you that massa—

Wha!? quiet now

goes back to typing

Oh ya….

Remember —- I had some food in the oven when you arrived and… ya, you had gotten lost on the way so you were hungry from the trip. Yep.

Mhmm, I think so.

No, no… you did

Isn’t that kinda funny….



First time we meet I invite you over to my place and you eat something. Weren’t you a little… you know?

makes face

makes face back

Heh, I didn’t know anything, that girl….

Oh…. right

So whataya think, mmm… how was the food?

silence, typing stops

And then there was the other thing, how you got here —- heh heh heh….


she does something with her eyes

What is it, is it your contacts?



points lightly

You ok?