Animal shamans playing mind games

In the heart, of the maze

A secret door in the cave

Opens always….

As turning brings day

Spinning out light

Night falls gifting glow sight

Candle gems sparkle alight

What is everything…..

Everything is —- alright

Like a kite above

the ocean

One in all motions

So still, are

The waves

Silent the ray


the way

The Lights In The Ground

What was it like?

Like smoke made of light

or time made of minds

A sky —- flying

A ground for dying, and so


An eye to see

A eye

Where depth unfolds

Snapshots stacking to an infinite meeting place

Time is within, timelessness

Not without, nothing is without


All Rise


Like a candle flame

In its home behind a door

Looking out the window

At the wind, and the trees bending

The snow falling….

The flame

Burns bright, sways easily

Now & then it stretches

reaching out, for a moment

Only to realize, it was just a reflection

Moving in the glass

When the master comes —- all the little flames are put out….

The day is here



If you can change your reality, is that still reality?

What was it in the first place….

What is it, now?

Don’t you remember —- my face?

We used to know each other, what have you been doing…..

What happened to you?

(hand to head in concentration)

What’ssss… happening


I’d rather not say….

(removes hand quickly from head)

Oh— I see. Let’s sit.

I have to leave.

I understand. Please, anytime….

Thank you.

You are welcome.


It is madness to change your reality, but that is what we are trying to do.

I cross, crossing — one meets….

What does one meet?

One other

4 ways, triangles, diamonds

A meeting place

For leaving

Why disappeared into eternity free to see for itself

Everything, it wished….

Seeing this, nothing changes

How so?

What is real?

Beyond imagination…..

What is beyond imagination?

Nothing is, now

The B is a silent one

Invisible too

The Way Of The North


The lands are in the north
Where it is clear

Also in the desert
Where they appear

And also in the sea
Where nothing is clear

As an eye, full of tears
So severe, the view of the seer
But this is only fears

And as nothing is
Nothing clears

Like the parting years
Departing for the fields

Unyielding, wryd spears
Their heads they appear

Here & there, is this not everywhere
Who cares…. we are where
We wish —- to be

What do you want to see
What else could there be, but what a son or a daughter of the stars makes themselves

As they were made from what has always been, and will be

So forever. and beyond

The Master is the way & beyond
First you must get here

See you


Magic Words Mean Nothing

No…. no

We are not, things

This, is our equality

It is born, of us

You see

After —- sometime

You begin to become it, not just feel


As it feels you now, it becomes you as well

In fact, it is

All the time, not only after sometime

So, if we wish to remain ourselves once in a while we come down to help others and remind ourselves of what it is to be one of us and what we are doing


For The Master calls us back or he does not

It is not for us decide, when it is the time

Time is given

To us

For good

And also….

For —- ever

So how can we help but…..

No, no

Who else should we share this eternity with…..

But, our people….

We see, you all

And this time

Alas, my friends…..

Nothing ends

Once, again…..

The Wonderful & Mysterious Show


Love the illusion

As you do

The real thing

And you will see

there is no difference

Between things

We all, touch

Does this make us, one?

Nothing made us

How did nothing make us?

One, at a time

Which time?

Which other, our own

Do you own it?

No, I have no time

Time for what?

I have no time for that

What do you have time for?

I am talking to you….

Aren’t I?

Are you asking me?

Who else?

I don’t know if you are I, but I suppose I can say you are you….

You are you, is that saying anything?

It must be….


You said it

Did I?


You did



Now, let’s go to the show


Ends Like A Song

So now, you know all


What will, you do?

Do you need —- to control….

All this?

What do you want to control?

How will, you control, nothing?

When nothing, controls you…..

Can you control, yourself?

If you can, then what is the need….

To control?

Also nothing, so by controlling nothing

You are out of control…..

You see, it is all, the same thing

Where is the difference?

Everywhere, to be found

How is one lost?

In a zero….

Out pops the hero

No fear, so

Very wyrd…..


The Hatter Family: Table Talk

No… no

They —- become


When you interact with, them….

Is that, a ghost?

Is it….

Is it —- whaaaaaa…..!


(tilts head)

Well, what are —- You, ummm

Doing…. now?

(purse lips)

I dunno


What do you think?

(scratches head)



(looks dejected, quietly)


(whimsically, points up)

Good talk!

Falling Treasure


We give thanks —-


The Fall

A harvest, of the tall, the full

The Ripe….

As day clears the night

Collecting treasure

Before comes The White

No sight, just a vision



Smoke & Seers


No… no

I don’t care about any of your, barriers

They are not, what they seem

Nothing…. is

What it seems like, it —- Is

How is it….

Very well, I will

Show you


What, do you think…

You —- asked?

I, I don’t know

How can I show you—- then?

What now…..

Let’s see


At This Moment

sorry…… sir

Ah, can I check

The balance

No, I’m sorry sir —- not here



Over there….



Clears throat

In the corner….

Shadows & Light

The ATM, sir

The ATM?

Yes, sir….

You may use it at your leisure

As it may please you, or disease you

Leave you, feed you

Free you

The House Husband #1: Shopping, Please Come Again


A guy finishes bagging and runs the card through to pay…..

So she says

Oh sir…. I’m sorry it didn’t go through, try again?


Hmm, I don’t know there was money in there —- my wife spent some but….

Wanna try a lesser amount?


Ewww, really sorry….

Tell you what, I don’t wanna tie you up

(fingers ring)

I’ll let you go….

Oh, ok…..

Looks at groceries then at clerk

Want me to do, anything?

Ah, that’s ok —- I’ll take care of it….

Oh, thank you.

Ok, see you

Ya, thank you have a good night

You too






Some of these things that happen, how can it be a just god…..

It is not a just god

What then?


How so?

As it can be

How can it be….

What do you think?

How do you want it to be….

Do you, want it to be?

It does not control, it blends

We bend….

Like us….

But blending

One sees one, once again

And so knows oneself

And many….

A horn of plenty

Is free, but must be shared in harmony

Or else….

What is to become

Of free

We all have seen


Silence Unexplained

See, nothing, this

Is — All

I say

Is it….

Is it what?

What you said?


Then what is it?


How can something be nothing?

It is not

How is is not?

How is a dot….

Said the Sasquatch

And how much, who for, what towards

Always heads for the doors

So what your telling me, is

Interrupts —-


So what you telling me is

Nothing comes from nothing, so nothing is not

Sure, but the something is in the coming

How does that work?

It does not

Doesn’t do what?


How can you not do nothing?


Like this


Elf Off The Shelf

Love, can be an overwhelming sensation at first

But over time brings peace & clarity

In the realization of truth & relationship

Of us to ourselves & others

It can do so, and does in anyway possible

Between you & this

This is also a relationship

The relationship of one to one

Which is one & many

So we have said nothing, though nothing is not

It always begins and ends on a dot

So what?

I wouldn’t have thought

Who did?

I can’t remember, but I do

How do I explain this to


The Sym Elf

Down the chute, jumps off the roof

In a firework….


The Boy Nexdor, Says Sure

No…. no

The reasons —- do not matter

What matters?

What matters?

What is ah’matter, said the hatter….

Well, among other things

I’ve grown, fatter

I am, afraid —- I will



Just scream till you shatter!


(crazy laughter from the table)

Perhaps, you could…..

Kind Sir, if you didn’t mind sir, if it is fine sir

Put your head on this….


Watch the ghosts scatter

I am not really here

I am sitting on Saturn

Holding a lantern

Wishing for rings, growing wings, singing away

My friend, they said

Would you like —-

To play?

The Leaning Walls Hall


You see….

They are, very old

They want to laugh, cry….


Not why —


High, man


The Lie

Ties, binds, blinds

Glory, be

The Sign

The One

Not Made, of


Nor time, or dying

Raising Zion

Peaceful lions

Diamond sirens



Roaring…. do you have time

All —- in the world

My friend O

I am

yet, not yet

Is nothing, said the dead


We are, here

No fears

Spiral wyrd

Rising clear

A luminescent deer

Darts near

The Cloud Seer

Drifting ten years

In a moment, or quotient

Just words, for the birds

Crow eye people touch contact kites elevation

Look! The Way Stations are aflame hurts

What is…. worth, without

No doubt

Acceleration destination no zone flame bent

The Dreamer awake in scenes of the phantom beams entanglement haze colors green, against —- the wall



No means, not schemes or fiends but unending ways through the gaze of an unearthly bliss which twists and brings forth the snake to hiss in the halls where we fall onto spinning creature lovers

Above & under

Cast blue lighting wonders

Sweet aroma thunders

Run wave ghosting hunters

No plunder, no blunders, no blinkers

They wink….


Dial 9….