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“Riddles In The Dark”

You are not asking why…..

You want to find who’s responsible…..

I’ll ask you, since you have a reason —- why?


What will, you do?

God knows….

Anyway, you know —- why…..

What do you have —- planned?

Keep in mind, whatever you do…..

Your children & their children, if we are so lucky….

Will, want to know


You will, leave them with no choice —- but to ask, why?

Will we —- Lie?

Hell, is nothing more than madness…..


It is made, of lies….

Lies hurt this, they damage your reality, they take it away…..

Stop, there is nothing to lie about

You are loved

Put your hands up!

This is another one of our signs

Yes, it’s a bad joke….

Of course