Suffering Succotash

“The Justice Of God Is Love”

Without forgiveness, there is no progress

Only annihilation…..

However you find your love, it does not matter….

It is different for everyone.

Only god knows…..

But when they come to you, truth in their eyes….

Do not turn away…..

Or surely…..

That old ghost, has a found a new home.

Stop it.

Now, we go…..


The future, my friend.

My friend, the future is —- now.

What is there?

All of us.

What is it like?

Being, born again…..

How so?

Remember…. remember

Why can’t you tell me, is it beyond words?

No, it is beyond me…..

But here is the beauty, you don’t need to know what it is like, you will see it —- yourself…..

Will I really?

Yes, how can we leave anyone behind…..

Everyone of you, is family.

You thought you were alone, but you never were. We just lost touch for a while.

The doorbell is jingling, your phone is blowing up…..

And your hiding in your room.

So we are subtle, in hopes that those more amenable can answer the door and help you find your way out.

Ok, see? No big monster, no avenging god…..

It’s only the neighbor, come to check on you cause he saw your mail was overflowing and got concerned…..

Everything ok, neighbor?

Oh ah, ya….. I am, ok now.

Nothing really, just a weird dream.

I think.

But you may notice, we are becoming less subtle….

Nice work, people