Remember When…. (Draft 2)

music plays softly

Hey, do you remember when we first met….



I gave you that massa—

Wha!? quiet now

goes back to typing

Oh ya….

Remember —- I had some food in the oven when you arrived and… ya, you had gotten lost on the way so you were hungry from the trip. Yep.

Mhmm, I think so.

No, no… you did

Isn’t that kinda funny….



First time we meet I invite you over to my place and you eat something. Weren’t you a little… you know?

makes face

makes face back

Heh, I didn’t know anything, that girl….

Oh…. right

So whataya think, mmm… how was the food?

silence, typing stops

And then there was the other thing, how you got here —- heh heh heh….


she does something with her eyes

What is it, is it your contacts?



points lightly

You ok?