Flying 11

Power lies —- you need nothing.

This, is true power….

It’s not so much that you let go of rationality…..

You just let go of your rational mind

Then it may go anywhere, do anything

In a very rational way…

I know —- why

I think….


No reason

Why is there no reason?

I hadn’t thought of that, till now….


There is none


Exactly, that’s —- the point.

What can you say about it!

Why don’t you ask it?

It said nothing….

Did you listen?

I can’t really say

Hmm, impressive…..

So, what’s next?

I don’t know…..

What do you think?

I imagine myself

How do you imagine yourself?

It just happens

How did that happen?

The same way, I imagine….

Is there any other way?

The other way is still the way

Is it different in any way?

Nah, still the same way

I suppose….


Wait a minute…..


Are we dead?

What? Why would you say that….


No reason…..