Bouncing Ideas

Something, must be experienced to be believed

Nothing must be believed, to truly, experience it.

How can I believe in nothing?

It is the only, thing—- which makes sense….

How can nothing make sense?

I will ask you a similar question

How did it?

And, how much sense do we really make nowadays?

The Lie, is powerless against Nothing

You see? Nothing is true

As a joke we call this —- blue

Look up!


Might, as well, sing, our way, through.

Nothing cannot not make sense….

Does this make sense to you?


As I said….

Nothing makes sense, it is the only thing

Which truly, does….. I guess like love

Come on, nothing doesn’t exist

How can nothing not exist?

No, I do not conceive nothing….

How can I?

Nothing conceived me

And so…

I am

Nothing is eternal, this is the balance

The freedom

No one, is one

We call this one & many

Orbiting perfection

10 Suns

It did, so it does

no cause to no cause

Wipeout, everything

By giving it away

In the way, which is true to you

It will come for you

In its space

Like the day from night

A child born

Of the hole

Seeing new light

Cries but cannot fight

Until, dreams

Visionless sight

Good night….💤

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