If you can change your reality, is that still reality?

What was it in the first place….

What is it, now?

Don’t you remember —- my face?

We used to know each other, what have you been doing…..

What happened to you?

(hand to head in concentration)

What’ssss… happening


I’d rather not say….

(removes hand quickly from head)

Oh— I see. Let’s sit.

I have to leave.

I understand. Please, anytime….

Thank you.

You are welcome.


It is madness to change your reality, but that is what we are trying to do.

I cross, crossing — one meets….

What does one meet?

One other

4 ways, triangles, diamonds

A meeting place

For leaving

Why disappeared into eternity free to see for itself

Everything, it wished….

Seeing this, nothing changes

How so?

What is real?

Beyond imagination…..

What is beyond imagination?

Nothing is, now

The B is a silent one

Invisible too