The Days In Question

Tea in the morning

Music light soaring

Is the Sunrise boring….

Asked the mushrooms

As the faun looms

In the yawning is born this

What moorings….


I am, head dead

Towards bliss

I know not, far

or near

This is dear


Then leaves to sit before


Blank dreamers
of The Undivision

Have risen

Hypno beam blaster prisms

The Master

12 mystery twisting


Go, down! slowing —- faster….

Nothing moves like a rhythm

Given —- in them

Lines blend, in soft bends

Say amen.

Delusion cancer protrusions seek executions of the new unions

Time infusions better consume them watch them swoon them


Unloose sands footing goose man no excuse plans better juice —- hand out


Haze a slow mirage blaze of glowing mind sage such is the fine wine way of the triangle circuit days slipping green phantoms crazed glory our freedom lives love


Always ——

The Day

Yes, you may call this….
The Way

Hail & Farewell

-The Forever Display