The Palo Wars: Four Sticks


Captain, captain

The war is over, where do we go from here…..

Points —-

Forward, in waves

To what end?

The end of the line

We would follow you anywhere sir, though we are only four now….

Things are different now friend, none shall follow me

As we head home….

Picking up the sticks along the way that cross our path

Each of you pick a direction if you will then follow it till you come to a well; cast down your sticks and walk away home….


You will see, my friends….

We won’t leave you….

But you must, the war is over

Now, we will all find our own peace….

And then Captain?

I am no longer your captain, only your friend

And then, old buddy?


We shall meet at home, of course….

How will we, find home?

Follow…. The Stars

We shall have a smoke and a drink as we watch our children grow.

Then, we will pass on

To where?

The Lands, of our people….

The Old Palo Wars are over, it is now our time….


Hail & Farewell!


Hail & Farewell, my friends….

Let’s now cry as we embrace and part ways….

It pleases God to see