Night Last Like The Past

No…. no

I have, no idea

What is —- going on

But…. it is


Like a song the soundtrack of breathless dawn
long the lawns I crosses them all a hyper tumble time ball stopping for a moment I bummed a smoke from the faun was that wrong?

Pong…. pong….. ping….


Now bow at the waist like folding space lines

Ace, run but don’t race see with your face

Flowers in the vase

Monkey in a cage




to smiling skies

Becoming….. nothing

There are no eyes, to close

As mind time twisting melt flows

Out and back in the rivers of din

Through wobbling holes they glow

Fell through one got lucky and hit home…..

Reached over and grabbed my phone

Seems like the right zone, are things where they were how do they look in the light?

-The Lunatic