Epis Kopoi

I will not, wish for anything…..

What more, do I need?

What have I done….

To deserve —- this?


So nothing will be done, as nothing is done….

I accept —- what is given

As graciously as I can….

But still, yes —- I do

Desire you….

How can I not?

I cannot….

So I accept it

So it does not desire, desire is ——


And when I see you…..

I feel so full

It cannot help, but to come pouring—-


As I am flooded in light, bathed in presence

I swirl around you, and you I


Like two colliding galaxies

Wild orbits

Reaching out as we meet along the long curving passes, for a moment


We shall meet, at the center

We shall see our reflections side by side as we float before….

The One

It fills all our, vision

We are as two small people, before

The Sun

All I can say is

More shall be revealed


Why would you want to know

Surprise, is what makes life what it is

So please, do not despair that you do not know all

You are not lost

You, are here….

Remember, all knows you

It knows us —- All

Until then…..

Be well

-D. Kinjay