Jesus & The Boys

Thank you Jesus, thank you, brother….

Uh, for what man?

You made things soooo much easier for me

Oh sorry, I was checking my phones… what’s up?

Well… I can’t imagine trying to do this with the pagans before you came along….

Dude, are you getting soft down there….


We did, we did…..

Didn’t work out too well….

What happened?

A lot of things….

What kind of things….


You’ve got a lot of free time

Go read a book….

We aren’t your own personal encyclopedia ya know…..




If people only realized how much they appreciate humor —- you’d all be comedians….

Badump dump!


Imagine your what, older than time?

You’d treasure the funny ones….

Wouldn’t you?

I mean, why do you think we keep Loki around?

Ah, yaaaaa…..


I mean, look at me….

What could be more inappropriate?

shaking laughter