Special Forces

So you don’t kill ego, or gag it….

You take it in….

You…. care for it.

It is happy at home, it’s warm, dim, and thick….

It swims, with the others.

It is truly no one, but a part of —- you.

So then what is its place?

Ever heard of tall tales? Like the ones everyone knows are a little BS, but their entertaining and pass the time….

Or ever meet someone who is too nice? Like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when what you really want is a little edge, a little—- friction? I mean not yelling or getting angry is one thing, but this….

It almost seems, unreal….

If you did —- I’m willing to bet after a little while you started to get a funny feeling about them….

And that feeling would be right….

No one here is perfect, only nothing….

Is perfect….

And so, it is no more….

Now can you see?


Can you see why?

Why what?

You don’t need to be afraid…..

We leave no one —-