Just finished unpacking my things…


See you



I suppose it’s time to leave

I am falling into silence


To the Ones Who Are Aware Of Nothing

Physicality is derivative
Intelligence no longer has any use
Emotions are redundant
Soul is a distorting lens

They have not left these things behind, neither are they to come

It’s just that…

Nothing is, between them

Though nothing is not between anything, or itself

This is clear

What is clear?
Nothing is

If nothing is clear, how can nothing be clear?
Therin lies the answer

If there is nothing, how am I?
As nothing is, I am

What do you mean?
I truly cannot say

Why not?
I say nothing,
can you not hear it?

If nothing is heard, then nothing is seen
Then you will know— what we, mean

Just do what you do, and things will become clear


You I what to do in the thin morning fog is the only one who is in the midst of all this intricate beauty and yet I still have not received any response from your side and the stars are aligning with the next steps which one do you think we could come tomorrow at all the time ways today just got home and backwards to bed early last thus far long as I you can know what if anything I need to neverwas is the only same game protection forward as soon as possible so that we can I will linger on in you a few new ones patterns things to do but if they are not still going out forms of payment I made it outside of the house and yet difference between me I amazing processes that contact within timelessness years old ago agony on this means nothing to ourselves and ourselves differing nature’s way you are not Space is the only way to be true

Dreams, Of The Awakened Ones

Delusion is no more a negative state than dreaming is

When you grow tired
of sleeping

You will, awaken

Awakened is no more a positive state than delusion is

When you grow tired
of waking

You will, dream
What, will you dream of

Perhaps, you will awaken
While… Dreaming

Perhaps, you will dream
While… Awake

Perhaps, the difference is there is no difference

Even the Immortals dream…
Though their dreams
Are another form of awakening
And their awakening
Is another form of dreaming

This is the form, of formlessness

This Being, So

You cannot add to Being.
You cannot subtract from Being.

There is no higher Being.
There is no lower Being.

You cannot do, say, or think anything that will change— Being.

There is only, Being.

And how you See it…